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      Hobbs said Scalley “doesn’t know his own ignorance,” a common sentiment among those players who feel they were treated unfairly by Scalley during their years at Utah. Lee said he still doesn’t believe he was intentionally trying to make black players feel uneasy, but that “he just doesn’t know any better.”

      Former Utah linebacker Stevenson Sylvester was part of that 2008 team with Johnson. Sylvester, like Johnson, stayed in Utah during his post-collegiate and post-NFL days. Sylvester declined an interview opportunity but did send a message to The Athletic .

      “My experience with coach Scalley was a good one,” Sylvester wrote. “As a player and a friend of the program, coach Scalley has been nothing but good to me. I can and will NOT speak for others on their experiences. I DO NOT believe Morgan Scalley to be a racist or a bigot. I do believe Mr. Scalley to have been victim to his comfortability and completely overstepped boundaries that should’ve never been crossed.”

      This is the challenge of having bubble coaches; Not racist but the just don’t know any better. Not having the cultual understanding outside of the bubble will do this.  Again, I don’t think black players think Scalley is racists ,,, just culturally naive.

      Which for recruiting might just be as bad.

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      he’s gone.


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      Thank goodness this will be figured out by someone that will understand the problem.

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      Everyone is predicting Latu to Wash now. Prob related if he was already on the fence. Really wonder how this will play out.

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      Latu to Washington has nothing to do with Scalley.

      Pace what kind of person gets joy and fulfillment out of being an internet troll?

      I mean your parents must be so proud of you.

      It’s not hard to see all the players coming out against Scalley all have issues with Utah and this just looks like sour grapes or some ridiculous attempt for revenge.

      I’d put the chances of Scalley being fired at about 25%.

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      Oh, here’s this guy with his same schtick.

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      Nah. Nothing like PACE. He was just 100 percent utah and now is 100 percent Washington. I hope this has nothing to do with Scally. I just found it strange.

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        Utah, like almost every other major school that had offered him, let him know they did not have a spot for him. Kid definitely has some tools, could end up working out for UW – especially if it helps them get his older brother – but he’s not someone many schools wanted to take a chance on. He projects best as an H-Back anyways, and Utah has other needs. Like AZUTE said, nothing to do with Scalley. 

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