This secondary is our best ever – KWhitt

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      Wow, that’s a strong endorsement. He said best since he has been at Utah, and we have had some good secondaries in that time.

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      Hmmm, “best ever” with Guidry supposedly being the #37th ranked player in the state… 

      #37 — Javelin Guidry, University of Utah

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        I’m just going to assume that was a joke and walk away now.

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      1280 is pandering to its audience, Utah County.

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      First, Blackmon is a first round potential. Have we ever had that BEFORE a season began? 

      Johnson has potential to be better. Guidry started as a true freshman. Smith has Eric Rowe potential. Burgess is your average 4-7th NFL pick. Same with Nygel King and Tyreke Lewis. We are three deep with NFL potential at every spot. 

      At safety, we have Blair and Ballard, Afia and Burgess (he can play both spots, CB and S), Mataele, and Hansen if needed. 

      We are absolutely loaded at DB. Top 5 in the country. We’ve never been that good. And with our DL? Lordy….

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        If Sharrieff Shah ever gets a big offer to keave, we need to do everything possible to keep him.Shah and Scalley have been outstanding recruiting and developing this backfield.

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          Yeah. What gives me hope is that Hill offered Sitake $800,000+ to stay at Utah. Scalley makes $525,000 and Shah makes $350,000. 

          We are paying Shah right now. We are paying Taylor/Harding over $900,000 combined and I think Andersen and Scalley make over $1,000,000 combined. 

          Add in a new AD whose specialty is raising money…hopefully he is here for the long haul. Hopefully we can up Shah to over $500,000. He’s a treasure. 

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            Alright Utah- Rank Utah’s assistant coaches…


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          I agree.  He answered the call after a few times of contemplation for leaving a soild career at a law firm. That said, there’s a lot of Utes in the NFL that I’d like see back on campus. Koa Misi coaching LB for example. 

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      best secondary ever in KWhitt’s time at Utah… That is saying A LOT.


      Lets just think about this for a second. We are talking about a team that has seen as much NFL success from the defensive backfield as just about any university in the nation. We have always had a ton of talent back there, but we’ve always had a weak link or two. Not the case this time. We are 3 deep in NFL talent at every defensive back position. Every last dude on that squad that is going to get playing time this year will have a legit shot at the NFL.


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