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      Todd Graham – 31-23 record in conference play, one division title (2013) and two 10-win seasons (2013, 2014). 

      kwhitt –  28-35 record in conference play, 1 ‘co-division’ title, one 10-win season.


      And Todd Graham is the one who was fired??? Huh? And yes, I did re-up my crimson club donation today. 

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      Thanks for the donation PK. 

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      This is so dumb on so many levels. 

      Whats the recruiting like in each state?

      Athletic budgets? 

      Weird stigmas surrounding each state?


      Which coach inherited a P5 school full of Dennis Erickson recruits and which coach had a Mid major team that had to go hire Erickson to help recruiting? 

      And so on. 

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        Exactly! I dare anyone to google image search ASU girls.

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          Pro tip:Incognito mode on your phone. Hahah

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          Tony (admin)

          Just spent the last 10 minutes googling ASU girls. I’d like to go back in time and change my decision from the U to ASU….

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        Utah, two of your questions don’t have answers that are going to change. And the recruiting isn’t going to necessarily get better if we don’t keep the Florida pipeline alive. 

        So to play Devil’s advocate which everyone around here hates so much, do we get better than ASU? Weather, weirdness, recruiting are always going to be challenges. 
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        more excuses. Is there anything you wouldn’t say or do to keep whitt around?

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        Let alone the fact that we have only been in a P5 conference for a few years, not 40.  That makes a big difference in recruiting.  Which if you look at things objectively, is what continues to hurt us thougt it is constantly improving (aka Fitz or Hunt going down).  

        Haters will hate.  Which is too bad as Whit is a great coach.

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      You also act as if Graham and Whitt are employed by the same University. Graham used Erickson’s stuff to win all that. 

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        You mean Todd Graham’s wrist bands didn’t reel in Vontaze Burfict and Brock Osweiler??? But rather, a National Champion coach from Miami and the NFL did?

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      Todd Graham also didn’t have to migrate a team from the Mountain West to the Pac-12. Don’t underestimate the huge undertaking this was.

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      ASU out recruits Utah by quite a bit.  The gap is closing, but they are still ahead of us in almost every recruiting ranking. 

      Let’s not pretend this is all about coahing.

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      ASU made a mistake firing Graham. The buyout was $12 million too. I don’t know the booster situation but if I were the Huntsmans or the Eccles and Hill did that in the most competitive coach hiring season in 15 years, I would tear up my checkbook.

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      Bad comparison. ASU AD made a mistake. They’re probably not going to get Sumlin and are currently looking at Herm Edwards… The grass is not always greener

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      As much as it pains me to defend creepy weird guys, Graham probably shouldn’t have been fired.

      They finished 2nd in a division that was pretty competitive this year, had a signature win over UW, defeated their rival to cap off the season, and still have a chance at a nice bowl win. 

      I think the statements made by ASU’s AD are delusional almost to the level of tds fans.  So I think the stuff you’re pointing out just tells me Chris Hill is less deluded?

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      Speak the truth? Here’s the truth:

      These are the FBS coaching positions open so far this year that are better than the ASU job.

      Nebraska – Likely gonna get Scott Frost
      Florida – Hired Mullen
      UCLA – Hired Kelly
      Texas A&M
      Miss. St.
      Arkansas – It’s a stretch, but still SEC. 

      Under Graham ASU averaged 8 wins a year, which is better than ANY other ASU coach outside John Cooper and tied with Frank Kush – They beat UW, Oregon, and Utah on the road, beat their rival, and took second in the South in what was supposed to be a down year for them. The AD comes out and blasts these results essentially saying they won’t settle for anything less than conference championships.What kind of coach are they going to get with that kind of volatility? Especially when there are so many other jobs that are better in so many ways available? They want Sumlin, but are going to end up with Herm F**kin Edwards

      Bill Connelly wrote a great article on the subject


      Particularly this quote

      “When you find yourself stuck with a coach who is good but not good enough, the problem often isn’t him. It’s infastructure. It’s history. It’s program support. It’s something other than the head coach. But the head coach is the easiest thing to change, so schools follow the same fruitless road over and over and over again.”


      Utah is doing things the right way. Upgrading facilities. Addressing areas of need. Improving recruiting in more fruitful areas (Florida, Texas, California) Whitt has done a damn fine job transitioning this program into the Pac-12. This year was supposed to be down for us. We had 15 players from last year’s team get paid by the NFL at some point this year. Now, if we take a step back next year with all the young talent we’ll be returning that’s on the head coach. All signs point to that not being the case.

      Get back to us in 1-2 years. You’ll see which school made the mistake



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      Say Utah fires Kyle tomorrow. Who replaces him?

      Scalley? Jay Hill? Andersen? Rocky Long?

      We’re not stealing another successful coach from a P5. The list of G5 coaches with proven success is limited. That’s about as long as the list gets unless Hill can pull another Urban rabbit out of his hat. 

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      Glad you agree.

      Posting stupid comments like “Don’t speak the truth. You will get thumbs down. We’ve got zoobs dressed in red. Be very careful. “

      When someone suggests ASU is doing the right thing by firing their 7-5 coach and Utah is doing the wrong thing keeping their 6-6 coach is essentially pondering the same stupid question.

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      Hal Evans

      None of the above. Probably someone we haven’t even talked about. That is why the question isn’t relevant Kyle is not even in danger

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