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      So just after TT left to Utah, Eastern Washington’s HEAD COACH leaves to CAL for the OC job.  Beau Baldwin made 240K at EW and now makes between 600-650K.  I think a head coaching job at FCS is still way below an OC/DC position at a FBS…based on this move (especially at a school like sacramento state).  

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      This is most likely a lot of hubub and stress over nothing. This fanbase has been….whiney the past month. Why? Everything has been great. We’ve done much better than anyone thought and we have a shot at 10 wins, Moss is looking more likely go come back, and if he does, we are PAC-12 favorites next year. 

      Yet…we bitch and moan like our woman left us for a BYU fan. I don’t get it. 

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        Happiness and rejoicing is boring.  

        Looks like GA added Sanford JR as his OC. I kind of feel like he needed a good hire again on the offensive side to beat BSU regularly. No clue how GA will do. 

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        Season withdrawals loss of Daniels and nothing interesting in sports at the moment.  Probably going to be a longish feeling off-season as well.  Combine that with a Utah winter and, well, there you go.

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      we as Utah fans still have a small complex. This will change overtime but we still feel looked down upon by the PAC. The truth is the PAC does look down upon us. We are still the new kids on the block. We have to earn respect it isn’t going to be given. PAC-12 south was one step. 5 years ago Utaj fans would have been happy just to be in the lead for Daniels even if he went to ASU. Now we recruit our highest QB ever and the next year and neck and neck for the top dual kid in the country. It sucks we lost him but our trajectory continues to go up. Unfortunately it is going to take time and more headaches to get the respect. A rose bowl birth next year would move us 5 steps forward and shut everyone up for a while. A doubt TT leaves but even if he did we are a P5 program, expanding our stadium, growing each year as a fan base and the respect, recruits and accolades will all come. If TT was to leave I bet Whit plugs Hardin in and we don’t miss much. Just my 2 cents. I doubt he leaves though.


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