Trying to decide who I dislike more — ASU or Washington

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      Ute Fan

      The Sun Devil’s fans and players have been talking a lot of ish this offseason… It would be really nice to shut them up.

      Both Washington games were brutal to watch last year, so beating them would be extremely satisfying.

      I’d like to see a few plays like this in both games
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      Ute Fan

      Definitely the forks, I don’t know if you recall the whole Jaeden Daniel’s fiasco or ASU knocking out Tyler, or ASU taking the Utes to the woodshed at RES the year before.. it was Tyler’s first game back from injury, and it was a must win.. ASU reminds me a lot of Air Force teams from the MWC days that the Utes would struggle with and have no business doing so… but especially the garbage I see from alot of the ASU fanbase .. check out the comments from the house of sparky article just 3 days ago..

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        Ute Fan

        100% ASU. 

        I respect Washington.  They are well coached, and they play solid football without the disrespect.  There is one message board that is full of scum, but all fanbases have a subsection of that type of person.  

        I dislike ASU on almost every level. 

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          Ute Fan

          Last years regular season game left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Washington. They were blatantly targeting covey, and Browning was a c**ky bugger. 

          But ASU definitely has the worst fans. 

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            Ute Fan

            To be fair Huntley continuously led Covey into those hits.  It was not fun to watch, but their players did the same thing Blair would have done.

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        Ute Fan

        Yeah. Screw those guys. 

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      Ute Fan

      ASU is a special breed… definitely them.

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      Ute Fan

      Before last year, I would have said ASU for sure. Then I read some comments from UW fans making fun of Covey, hoping for injuries, laughing at him when he got injured etc. Comments like, “I hope he gets killed out there,” and “I hope that hit permanently disabled him.” It wasn’t just one fan, it was several of them spewing that garbage.

      UW and ASU can both eat s**t. I hate them both.

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      Ute Fan

      ASU is trash but I really don’t like Seattle or Udubb in general. I love the rest of Washington but no thanks to Seattle. 

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      Ute Fan

      Scum Devils for sure. Anyone that has mustard and maroon on their uniforms and satan as a mascot shouldn’t be trusted.

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        Ute Fan

        Besides, it seems that they, more than any other fan base, has a disproportionate amount of BYU fans muddying the waters.

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          Ute Fan

          I dunno…I see a disproportionate number of BYU-P fans among the Oregon fanbase.

          Here’s my observation of who BYU-P fans support throughout the year:
          April – August: BYU-P football
          August – November: Oregon football
          November – January: BYU-P basketball
          January – April: Gonzaga basketball

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          Ute Fan

          There are tons of Mormons in Arizona, so makes sense.

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      Ute Fan


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      Ute Fan

      Message board whimps. 

      ASU and U-Dub has shown more hospitality than maybe Oregon fans. The few places I’ve felt they’ve bent over backwards to help us feel welcome. Step out your bubble, folks.

      By far the worst, douchey fans on the road are Colorado fans. They rub the fake national championship crap in your face like BYU fans. Complete idiots.

      I’m very well traveled to all the pac12 venues. Colorado we need to pound in full force. By far the worst fans.

      ASU has the most talented(hot women) tailgate, Washington has the most unique tailgate. Good fans. We just need to beat them.


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