UCLA fans weighing in on the Utes #JustARegularTeam

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        THEY WERE MADE TO LOOK BETTER THAN WHAT THEY ARE BY sc. Huntly the UTAH QB is on a pare with the second string qb for Zona.., Rodriguez.

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        The good news is, they’re characteristically inconsistent

        To be fair, they also have some reasonable fans that do not agree with these takes.


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        Edit: never mind their site just sucks. Man @admin your site really is the best.

        fUCLA has improved over two games but barely beating Zona tells all about my confidence in this win for Utah. fUCLA won two games and that is their ceiling. 

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        What kind of server are they hosting that site on. I’ve got 1gig fiber and it’s a slooooowwwww load.

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          Two tin cans connected by a piece of string. 

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          Super slow. At first, I thought it was my internet. Nope, just their site.

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