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      Ute Fan

      Just some ramblings:

      1. What a great time to be a Utah football fan! Kids finishing high school now know almost nothing but greatness from Utah football. It has been a great run. 2004 Undefeated and Fiesta Bowl win. 2008 Undefeated and Sugar Bowl win. Pac 12. 4 straight Pac12 championship games. 2 straight Rose Bowls. Incredible run we have enjoyed.

      2. If I am a top recruit, I would love to play for Whit and co. Watching the post-game interview with the broadcast crew and Whit, there was a part where a couple players interrupted the interview and hugged Whit. Whit just rolled with it. Players love him. Other coaches get googly-eyed around him (see Urban Meyer in that same interview). He puts players in the NFL. And for those that do not, he has created a culture of success and excellence that prepares these young men for the world beyond football. The defense and offense have tough identities. And the on-field sucess is top tier.

      3. Found it hilarious when the Utah bench was mimicking the USC towel dudes during a fourth quarter kickoff.

      4. Love that neither USC or UCLA won the conference this year. Screw them.

      5. Rising’s reaction to Caleb Williams’s fingernails was great.

      6. I may be the only one who doesn’t know this, but who was the older guy on stage during the trophy ceremony? Eccles?

      7. Utah should really reap some spoils (whether with high school recruits or transfers) from two straight Rose Bowls. See point number 2. I would not have said this until recently, but I really think Utah has become a place where top players are wanting to play. It is not USC or Bama, but I believe Utah’s program has its own culture that is very desirable and it is getting the national attention it deserves. Over the next month, Utah has an incredibly strong recruiting pitch to give.

      Fun times!

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      Tony (admin)

      6. Spence Eccles

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      Ute Fan

      I believe I understand Rising’s “.. p**s boiling..” comment. But I admit that now older, perhaps ancient, I had not heard that before.

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      Ute Fan

      Rising got some great PR here in Big-12 country with the post-game reaction to being told of Caleb’s nail-painting (complete with playback of bleeped recording on the drive-time radio show) the play where his helmet got popped off and walked away smiling, and as leader of a tough group that mauled the Spoiled Children.

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        Ute Fan

        It was interesting on social media to see how many Oklahoma and UPitt fans were cheering for Utah (not suprisingly). As noted in another post, we also had a lot of Ohioans cheering for us. Not to mention pretty much the entire Pac12 (is any team more hated than USC in the Pac12)?

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          Ute Fan

          Penn St fans were cheering for Utah too!

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      Ute Fan

      I got a good laugh out of number 3 (mocking the USC towel guys) during the game.

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