Utah Ute Season Grade, an A-

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      Ute Fan

      Shaken by the last two games, but taking the season as a whole, I agree with USA Today; Utah Ute Season was a A-.

      USA Today Link

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      Hmmm… I’m not sure how to feel about that. On one hand, an 11 win season is incredible and should deserve a high grade. On the other hand, in a weird way, you could argue that it wasn’t even a “successful” season.

      The narrative among some is that we were just an overrated team that beat a bunch of crappy teams, which is kinda hard to argue with.

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        Ute Fan

        Utah destroyed most of the crappy teams on their schedule not just beat them.
        B+ for me. It is above average considering the limitations on the Oline. Most alarming thing for me is how bad special teams is getting. Usually Whitt manages to get that figured out. It changed his game planning so much I think not just taking points at times. Not saying it would have resulted in more wins. Maybe they play slightly smarter is all.

        Texas game doesn’t even count for me. It was a meaningless bowl game.

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      Ute Fan

      I agree with this. The counter argument (that the season was a failure, unsuccessful, or disappointing) are based purely on expectations…which vary widely and are subjective. If someone went into this season “expecting” a Rose Bowl, they are likely unhappy. But if they went into the season hoping for a winning record, they are likely ecstatic. The point being, an expectations-based metric is subjective … not saying that each person’s expectations and feelings are unjustified, only that they are subjective.

      From an objective viewpoint, this was the highest final ranking the Utes have ever had in the Pac12 era. It was the highest win total in the Pac 12 era. It was the highest bowl game in the Pac 12 era. Those are all objective facts. Taking subjective expectations out of it, hard to reason that this season is less than an A-. 

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        Ute Fan

        Ending games left a sour taste in our mouth.  I guess the question is do all 14 games we played have equal weight in the overall grade, or (like many college courses) does the final game (final exam) count more than others?

        Overall we had a damned good team this year that gave us some great moments but had a stumble in the Coliseum and 2 big stumbles right at the end.






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          Ute Fan

          I like the final exam comparison but I would call the Oregon game the final exam. The Alamo bowl was for extra credit. A on the regular season, D+ on the final, 10 points Extra Credit. Call it a B+ overall.

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      Yeah at the beginning of the season if you told me we would be Pac-12 south champs, ranked 5th in the CFP playoff poll at the end of the regular season and be in the discussion for the playoff… hard not to rate it an A-. 

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        User Suspended
        Ute Fan

        And then told you the last two games Utah got completely exposed (players and coaches) and in many ways gave up…. still got them marked down A-.


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          So it all depends on how much weight the final exam carries versus the class assigments. 

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          Ute Fan

          How did I know you would come in and only talk about the negative side of the season.
          You’re as predictable as a morning turd!

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      Ute Fan

      B+ Not sure how getting blown out in bowl game and losing to Oregon in Conf championship warrants an A-

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