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      We all know that Whitt’s days are numbered. However with Scalley’s new/old title given to him, it got me thinking of who Scalley would hire. This is my prediction…
      Head coach-Scalley
      Defensive Coordinator-Shah
      Offensive Coordinator-Ganther
      OL-Jordan Gross
      WR-Tim Patrick
      TE- Dallin Rogers
      LB-Cody Barton
      RB-Joe Williams
      DL-Star Lotulelei

      Steve Smith-too good of a TV personality
      Colton Swan-going to get poached for. D Coordinator job
      Ludwig- have a feeling he is going to exit with Whittingham
      Hardin-Will be a Head Coach somewhere else
      F. Whittingham-will retire with brother

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      Quinton Ganther as OC?? He’s only been with utah for 3 years, no?

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      Yea prior to that he was at Weber for 6 years, worked with the Seahawks coaching staff and was a student intern for the Utes.

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        aah, i see. well all OC’s need to start somewhere.

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      Not every coach needs to have a Utah connection. Branch out. That is how Urban was found.

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        Tony (admin)

        Mark this on your calendars folks, I’m agreeing with a byu fan.

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          Me too. Scalley needs to go outside of the program to bring in the right OC.

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      I would be shocked and dismayed if this was the coaching staff. These are great players, but hiring great players doesn’t always make great coaches

      Let’s say this happens in 2 years. Here’s where those coaches are now and where they’d have to come from in that fairly short time

      Eminently realistic

      • HC Morgan Scalley – already arranged
      • DC Sharief Shah – not a given, but seems logical, coming from years on stagf

      A bit of a stretch, but could happen

      • OC Quinton Ganther – already on staff, but not as much experience

      They’re coaching somewhere…but it’s a huge stretch

      • OL Jordan Gross – started coaching in 2022. At Fruitland High School. Being OL coach for a P4 by 2024 would be impressive.
      • CB/S Eric Weddle – has been HC for a high school team since 2023

      So…yeah, not happening

      • WR Tim Patrick – currently under contract in the NFL, likely to play out this season at least and then try for a new deal next year
      • TE Dallin Rogers – as best I can tell he hasn’t been in the coaching game at all. He started and sold a fitness company and just started a brand management company this year
      • LB Cody Barton – also currently on an NFL roster and actually starting for the Broncos. He’s only 27 so with a solid season, should be playing in the NFL for at least several more years

      Not a clue

      • RB Joe Williams – his name is common enough that I can’t find him to know what he’s doing now….but it doesn’t seem to be coaching
      • DT Star Lotuleilei – his NFL career ended two years ago, couldn’t find what he’s doing since. Again, it doesn’t appear to be coaching

      This coaching staff would have no collegiate experience and no recruiting experience beyond Scalley, Shah and a few years for Ganther. This would be a nightmare of a staff

      One or two of those guys? Great. If Weddle is ready, then let’s go for it. But the idea of going zero experience at nearly every coaching position all at the same time is a bad, bad choice

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        Just fun to think about! What is your mock coaching staff? Ute connections or no Ute connections!

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          Probably mostly continuity (Whitted, Powell, Elliss) or guys I’ve not yet heard of, guys who are position coaches at G5 or FCS schools or interns/analysts somewhere.

          For example the WR coach would likely be Whitted still. But a dream scenario would be to get Keenan Bailey. He’s only a few years removed from being an intern and is an offensive quality control coach at Ohio St. But he worked with Hartline and the OSU wide receivers and is considered a rising star. He’s also close with Urban Meyer so could be recommended for Utah (though it’s likely he’d continue as a rising star past that job after a few great seasons)

          If I wasn’t happy with Shah as DC (I am) I’d consider Oregon CB coach Rod Chance. Seen as an absolute ace recruiter and has developed some excellent corners lately. Plus he was a former DC at SUU so has in-state connections.

          I think Ganther probably stays as the RB coach and we hire someone with a bit more experience to be the OC. Scalley will be taking on new responsibilities so it would be helpful to have someone who isn’t a first timer in that role. Maybe someone like Mack Leftwich as the OC of he keeps doing well at Texas St. He was amazing on offense at Incarnate Word, and just moved up to Texas St and had a great season there as well. Maybe in a few years he’s ready for the next jump

          But by and large position coaches will be taken from G5 coaches in the same role or from high profile analysts at bigger P4 schools. Not from founders of brand management companies.

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      Why are we talking about a new OC? What’s wrong with keeping Ludwig? Did I miss some announcement that Ludwig will retire when Whittingham does? Do he and Scalley not get along?

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        Your right he very well could stay. He is 4 years younger than Whittingham.

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        I have heard interviews when Ludwig came back that stated they wanted to retire together, but things change.

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      Plus it’s kinda hard to even speak to the number of possible coaches out there if we consider all of college football. I guess it’s just fun to think about players and former coaches that we have had to makeup a new coaching staff.

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        I’d personally bet on the following:

        1. The next OC is not on the current staff and will not be as risk averse as Ludwig is.
        2. Andy will retire with Whitt (he has intimated as much). I’m 99% sure this will happen.
        3. The next DC won’t be Shah. I’m honestly not convinced he wants that role. He loves his niche.
        4. We’ll be included in whatever the next version of the P5/P4 or P2 so Morgan won’t be bringing in FCS level experience as a top 20 football program. He will have numerous options to choose from on both sides of the ball.

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          If true, which OnlyU only speaks the truth, how exciting. The possibilities are endless. We just become more and more attractive for coaches. Which means we will become more and more attractive for recruits.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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          D T

          I thought it was pretty well understood that AL would retire with KW.

          Old news, really.

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          What’s the likelihood of Jay Hill returning to SLC as the new DC?

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            I think much like many coaching decisions it’s about timing! I think Jay Hill will take the best opportunity he has at the time. If that is Head Coach or if that is D coordinator. Depending on which comes first between Utah and BYU. BYU=Head Coach, UTAH=D Coordinator

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