Utah vs. UCLA observations

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      A few things.


      Coach Krystkowiak: He likely needs to go, but not for the reasons you think. The offensive scheme is a complete joke. Pass the ball around the perimeter, and if that fails, resort to dribble handoffs until there are 10 seconds left on the clock… Then whoever has the ball can try to actually do something productive. This is our half court offense, and has been for years. It works kind of okay when we have top level upper classmen, but it is generally just bad. If defenses don’t get lazy, it is easy to hold utah under 30 for a half of basketball. The ONLY way for Utah to score with any regularity is when they push the ball forward off of turnovers or missed shots. This issue is compounded by the fact that every team in the country knows that the Utes play this way, and when they are full court pressed (usually just by the opposing team’s bigger and stronger point guard), which happens every game now, Rylan is forced to take the ball up the court slowly, which guarantees that we’ll see the dribble handoff offense. 

      It is POSSIBLE that with a more experienced team, the Utes could do far more with this offense, but so far as I can tell, it’s just plain old bad.

      Officiating: I pretty much never complain about the refs, but jeezuz those guys were terrible today. They call a flagrant foul when our guy stepped in front of someone who would have gotten a free fast break dunk otherwise… On the other end Jones gets KICKED IN THE FACE and nothing is done. No foul call, no review, nothing. You can see the guy look at Jones and bring his foot up intentionally. Absolutely ridiculous. Their point guard got foul calls every time he ran into one of our guys, a regular mini James Harden… Bad bad bad BAD.

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      Yes our offense goes nowhere fast. Then we are having to huck up prayers at the end of the shot clock. No screening. No movement. No adjustments.  That’s coaching.

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        Watched the Utes again today….I have to agree with you.

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        I don’t think the transfers are the problem. I think the lack of on court coaching, or the outdated high school level scheme… Those things are the problem.


        If we had a really young team, and he was teaching them a scheme that fits the team’s personnel that would be one thing, but he’s just teaching them to run the clock down as much as possible, then chuck up shots, just to keep scores somewhat close. 

        I’m happy to wait and see what he does with the talent coming in over the next year or two, but with this scheme these guys will not reach their full potential.

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      K tapped out after his contract extension. He is 100 percent ok with mediocrity.

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