Utah vs washington state 2017

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      Ute Fan

      I’m rewatching Utah vs washington state 2017

      1st quarter offense 

      First 4 plays (2 offensive possessions)

      4 passes zero runs

      No first downs

      1 turnover

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      Ute Fan

      3rd offensive possession

      2 runs 16 yards

      1 pass turnover

      Score wazzu 7 utah 0


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        Ute Fan

        4th offensive possession

        2 passes

        1 run no yards

        Turnover on a dropback pass

        Wazzu 10 utah 0

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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      Utah 52  WSU 7

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        Ute Fan

        @pace what is this negative plays in the game?

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          Ute Fan

          5th offenesive possession 

          1st play pass offensive pi

          2nd play zone read loss

          3rd play incomplete pass

          4th play play sack

          Wazzu 13 utah 0

          I’m not out of the 1st quarter yet!


          Why are we scared of Usc? 


          Wazzu is going to kick our a$$!

          Sorry in advance

          Unbelievable Utah only down 13 to 0

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            Ute Fan

            Previous week vs Ucla

            48 pts 272 rushing yards

            50 rush attempts

            15 rushing 1st downs

            0 turnovers

            Lets not over think this

            4 tightends (rotate them)

            Move benard to full back

            Moss, shyne, green, and brumfield

            Run 50 times next week and see what happens!



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