Utes out “Athleted”

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      Ute Fan

      1) I’m sure that we’ll all agree that the taste of humble pie Sucks.

      In my opinion, this is the most talented Utah team, ever. I wanted them to have a chance to play college football’s best teams – to see how we stack up. We know how that ended…

      The 3 teams Utah lost to (SC, Oregon, & TX) are all big time teams, that have rosters full of Elite Athletes. Utah has “Some Elite Athletes,” but not nearly as many as the teams named above. 

      2) In Utah’s 3 losses this year, I don’t believe Utah “choked or that they didn’t show up.”  I believe we were “Out Athleted.” By this, I mean when we line up – their 11 is better (talent wise) than our 11. Now, talent alone doesn’t always win out. But, when we run into a team that has a clear talent advantage and is also Motivated – we’re in trouble… 

      3) Recruiting is the key!   Recruiting has to improve and it seems to be.

      Bottom line for me : Utah has to get more Bigger, Stronger, Faster Athletes to compete at the highest level. 

      just my .02 cents.   Would love to hear other thoughts and Go Utes 







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      Ute Fan

      It was commented before that Brumfield is 90% converting 3rd and short and Moss is 30%. Teams have scouted Moss and realize he is a patient back and Utah’s O’line doesn’t hold blocks very long or finish their blocks so if you just shoot the gaps, you’re going to have a good chance of stopping Moss. Those short yard distances you can’t afford to run the patience back, you need a head down bruiser that just dives forward. Coaches need to wake up to some simple in game scenarios and play the best player in the circumstance.

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        Ute Fan

        If I can fault Ludwig and Whitt on anything its 3rd and short and 4th and short.   Those Texas defenders shot gaps too fast to have a hand-off deep in the backfield and slow-developing run play.    Need to take snap under center and/or direct snap to Shelly or Brumfield.

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        Ute Fan

        I had not previously heard these short yardage rushing stats. So thanks.  You’re definitely correct about Moss being a patient, running back. In those short yardage situations, it makes sense to me that a more decisive run / pass play, would be more effective than a slower developing play.  

        Appreciate that insight. 

        ps:  no slight or knock on Moss intended. He is the GOAT and I appreciate everything he’s done for Utah Football. Just agreeing his style, is patient as you said. Moss’s patient style is similar to that of Le’Veon Bell. 

        Hope Moss kills it in the NFL !

        Go Utes !

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      Hard to put much energy into the outcome of these holiday bowl games outside of the Rose Bowl and play-off. Seems Utahs pinnacle of success has been winning the P12 South. Glad the players were able to spend 4-5 days together having fun outside of football. TH’s comment summed it up, good for the kids that took a leap and chose Utah. On to next year. The Oline and WRs are a weak link on this team. I know it won’t happen, but KW and Ludwig need to consider some coaching changes if Utah is going to improve recruiting and play at Oline and WR.

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      Ute Fan

      I still think this team was elite across the board.  The defense held up for a long time without getting a ton of help from the o.  We had great qb play and skill play.


      the one area that wasn’t elite was the oline.  They were good but not elite.  

      I think there’s truth to your comments in the sense that 4-5 star dudes exposed our o line.  But I’d describe them as young as opposed to not talented…  because I think next year we see the oline that would’ve helped us over the hump this year.


      another point, if you put 2016s oline on this team, it’s a true contender.  They were good enough everywhere else and showed it.


      so if recruiting keeps trending up like it has been, we’ll be good enough to finish off some special seasons.  Not every year because that is reserved for teams getting 4-5 star dudes every year, but every few years.


      and I think next years o will be pretty solid, as will the oline.

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        Ute Fan

        You are correct in that, this years O Line was young and therefore, should be improved next year. 

        My main point was simply that, as good as this years team is, (with lots of NFL caliber talent) – the blue blood type teams still have more talented rosters. 

        The good news is, Whit and his staff develop talent as well as any coaching staff. And recruiting does seem to be improving.

        So there is definitely reason to be optimistic about the future. However, the way Utah was manhandled (particularly at the line of scrimmage) by Oregon & TX – was a reality check.  Utah is close to being very good. But, we need “More,” better Athletes to be considered elite. 

        Still a Very Successful & Fun year !   Shout out to all the players & coaches !

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      Ute Fan

      Having the Poly pipeline at Utah is legit but a lot of those guys on the OLine looked bulky and slow. Texas was able to slant and get around the corner rather easily. Utah needs to get more athletic on the OLine.

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