Way too early 2020 depth chart

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        Ghost of the HEB
        Ute Fan


        QB: Cam Rising OR Jake Bentley, Jason Shelley

        RB: Jordan Wilmore OR Devin Brumfield, Ty Jordan, John Gentry

        TE: Brant Kuithe, Cole Fotheringham

        WR1: Bryan Thompson, Jaylen Dixon

        WR2: Samson Nacua, Solomon Enis

        Slot: Britain Covey, Devaughn Vele 

        LT: Nick Ford

        LG: Braeden Daniels

        C: Orlando Umana

        RG: Johnny Maea, Keaton Bills

        RT: Bam Olaseni



        LDE: Miki Suguturaga, Van Fillinger (please)

        DT: Hauati Pututau, Semisi Lauaki

        DT: Viane Moala, Mufi Hill-Hunt

        RDE: Mika Tafua OR Maxs Tupai, Xavier Carlton (please)

        MLB: Mique Juarez (???), Sione Lund, Moroni Anae

        Rover: Devin Lloyd, Trennan Carlson OR Andrew Mata’afa

        LCB: Jatravis Broughton OR Bronson Boyd

        SS: Vonte Davis, Nygel King, Aaron Lowe

        FS: RJ Hubert (Injury questions) OR Nephi Sewell

        RCB: Javelin Guidry, Stone Azarcon (?)

        NCB: Malone Mataele


        K: Jadon Redding

        P: Ben Lennon


        The biggest question mark going into next season will be the defensive backfield IMO. Outside of Guidry and Hubert, there is almost no returning experience back there. I could see them moving Guidry to an outside corner because I don’t see any other corners who have had significant playing time. Hard to say if Hubert will even be ready by next season. 

        If Juarez can play that will be huge for the LB’s. Anyone know what’s up with him? 247 still shows he transferred to Utah in may 2019 but nothing else. Lloyd should be even better with his returning experience and confidence. 

        DL will step back, but there are plenty of guys there the coaches are very confident in. 

        Offense gives a lot of reasons to be excited. I’d be shocked if either Rising or Bentley isn’t game 1 starter. Ludwig showed his hand with Shelley by playing Lisk ahead of him vs ASU. Rising has the advantage of being around Ludwig longer, Bentley has the advantage of having lots of experience vs very high-level defenses. OL is only losing one starter and gaining Bam. WR/TE’s only lose Simpkins and gain Covey (if Enis doesn’t transfer). Thompson, Dixon, Nacua, Enis, Kuithe all should theoretically be much more productive with a pro style QB. I love Tyler, but he never really shook his tendency to duck his head and run outside of a few games. The RB stable is stacked with experience and talent. I wouldn’t be shocked to see DHC grad transfer, as I believe he already graduated/is graduating. Tj Green is buried on the depth chart and will likely transfer or switch postions. 

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        Ute Fan

        I honestly feel like Bentley is going to come in as the putative starter. There will be a QB competition, but if he’s back in form from his injury, I’ll bet he’ll ultimately get the nod.

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        Ute Fan

        Really good list. I’m wondering if Ford has quick enough feet to handle LT. Also a little worried about Lennon as the punter, hopefully he’s a lot better next year.

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        Ute Fan

        my son, who works with the team, thinks Micah Bernard will play the slot/Vickers/DVC role next year. Said he is big and fast.

        And Paul Mailie should get a lot of work at guard.

        We cant go into next season with the same kicker and punter. We have dodged bullets so far this year; cant risk it next year.

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        Swoop Doggy Dogg
        Ute Fan

        QB- Interesting they took a 1-for-1 senior in Bentley. Either they haven’t liked what they’ve seen in Rising and want another year of development. Or they took him as an insurance policy because they don’t necessarily like Shelley and Lisk.

        RB- Devontae Henry Cole will be in the mix too. I thought he and Brumfield looked like the best backs outside of Moss. It will be between him, Brumfield and Wilmore until one creates separation.

        LT- Might be Bam. We shall see. He has the length. Does he have the tenacity? Granted first start, but didn’t look fast enough against UW. P5 is a lot different than JUCO. That position could be an issue. Four starters will be back. Simi Moala will be in the mix. Could create a ripple effect along the entire O line. Wonder how the redshirt freshman will develop too. There are several guys Utah is developing for down the road. Hunter Lotulelei returns from mission as well, I believe.

        Def: I wonder if they split Tupai and Tafua at ends. They give the most experience and production to start. Not sure why one would be a back up with a freshman or soph starting ahead. Then developing freshman ends after that. Pass rush could take a hit with Anae gone. And unproven depth. Young ends lack containment and rush defense skills.

        Inside d line will be solid, but lack the depth of this season. Leki and Penisini will play in the NFL next year. Not sure the guys behind them will. Pita Tonga will be in the mix too. Utah generally has a great line, so I’m not terribly concerned here.

        LB- I would think Lund takes Bernard’s spot. He’s been around for a couple of years already and knows the system. LB is maybe the most difficult position on the defense to master, because it involves so much diagnosis and decisions. I heard Juarez will arrive in January and be around for spring ball, but we shall see. He may take a half season to become a factor.

        Secondary- My biggest concern. They are losing three NFL guys in the backfield without a lot of proven production behind them. The back up with significant playing time is a senior too, in Lewis. Guidry is extremely fast, but gives up height on the outside. Will be interesting to see what they do here. If Hubert’s injury goes into he season, that is a major hit, as he was penciled in to be a starter. With a declined pass rush and a new secondary, Utah could be very vulnerable against teams like USC and Wazzu that throw the ball well. We shall see. Maybe I’m completely wrong.

        Special teams- I wasn’t too confident in either the PK or punter. Both were decent, but had big shoes to fill. Both lacked the the powerful leg and seemed tentative. Hopefully they improve over the course of a year. Is that realistic?

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          Ghost of the HEB
          Ute Fan

          I’m not worried about Bam. The coaches think he has high draft pick potential. He kinda got thrown into the fire by having his first D1 snaps take place in Seattle. That stadium was rocking, UW was fired up and Bam was rattled. Give him a full spring, fall camp and preseason. He’ll be good.

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        Ute Fan

        I still don’t know why we continue to harp on Jadon Redding and the kicking game like it was awful. He has only missed 3 all year. I understand that he needs to get better, and improve his leg strength, but he is a freshman. Matt Gay and Andy Phillips weren’t even kicking footballs as freshmen. He’ll be good.

        Nick Ford at LT? YUCK! That dude has been awful against good competition this year.

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          Ghost of the HEB
          Ute Fan

          Ford is a better guard than tackle, but as of now I don’t know if there’ll be a better option at tackle. Sort of thin there. That’s why this is a waaaay too early depth chart. There’ll be additions, more grad transfers, etc.

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          Swoop Doggy Dogg
          Ute Fan

          He only kicked two beyond 40-yards and missed one. His other two misses were closer than 40 yards. So that’s one reason Utah only kicked 12 FGs in 13 games. Matt Gay made six FG against Oregon alone last year. Yeah, unfair comparison. But that has been the standarad for a few seasons. Played a part in Kyle’s decisions through out the year.

          I don’t blame the kid and agree he will develop and improve. He’s sticking it out and actually there. IIRC, Utah gave a scholarship to the kicker from Bingham, who abandoned ship when he couldn’t get the job done. 

          It’s a valid concern moving forfard until proven otherwise, like the punting. Decent, but not what we are used to. 

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        Ute Fan

        From my distant view of the program I cannot see how Mufi Hunt gets in the two deep over Pita Tonga. 

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          Ute Fan

          Tonga and Pututau will anchor the middle. 

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        Tony (admin)

        Looks promising for the O. On D we lose a lot.

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        Ute Fan

        Bam will be our LT. Simi Moala will be our right.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m worried about Hubert.  He really didn’t show very well when he had the chance this year.  Hopefully that was inexperience and youth, but…..  

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          Ute Fan

          My concern as well. It’s like they didnt want to use him against SC when Blackmon was clearly injured. Then they have to use him and he gets burned so badly it was like Herbert was playing high school again. 

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            Ute Fan

            Hubert played entire Wazzou game and played well.  Pro safeties get manipulated by quarterbacks all the time, can’t judge him on one play.

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              Ute Fan

              The Wazzou game was a completely different package and he wasn’t the lone safety.   A lot easier to cover 1/2 the field over all of it.  Against Oregon he was just toast play after play.  

              I hope they get him where he needs to be, but he’s not even close IMHO.  

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        Ute Fan

        I see the OL as…

        LT-Simi Moala
        LG- Daniels
        C- Umana
        RG- Ford
        RT- Bam

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