• It’s proving again that Utah coaches are great at coaching players up, but are average at recruiting. This formula still makes Utes very competitive.

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    Shot for the moon with Sark, had to settle for Ludwig. Not great, but definitely not terrible. Very similar to Utes recruiting process, go for the big names, usually don’t get them, but do get the most out of who they do get. Hopefully that is the case here with Ludwig. This appears to be the reality of Utah football, make more with less.

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    Whitt better lock up Ludwig quick because I’m sure USC is coming to snag him.😉

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    I’d like to see the Utes start making hires like they are a serious pac12 contender. I’m not sure any other high level pac 12 teams would want Harding as their OC. Great oline coach though. The Utes are always going to be able to run the ball, they need to get an OC who can attract a big time QB. Taylor was so close at doing this. Why not kick the…[Read more]

  • Does the fact that Taylor is calling plays at the bowl game mean that Harding isn’t getting the job? Seems like if they are set on Harding being the next OC, it would have already happened and Harding would be calling plays. Although, I guess he could still be a candidate and they want to do a thorough search first.

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