We are getting a ton of positive off-season publicity

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      Ute Fan

      We had a good team last year an many returning players.  But, our weakness is at offensive line.  Anybody who knows football will tell you – your offense will be nothing without a good line.  We were fair to good last season and we lost three of those guys.  Help me out – why should we feel like the Utes are a top 15 or even a top ten team.

      I understand we have two experienced QBs, a great RB, a group of good (not great) wide receivers.  But, how will we address our inexperience with the O-line?

      I am not worried about our defense.  We lost two great LBs, but have a host of guys who can step in.  We have our entire D-line and CBs back.  Whitt and Scalley will find a solution at Safetey.  

      So, for me – it all comes down to the O-line.  This season lines up top be a special one. I hope it doesn’t fail to be that because our line cannot open holes for Moss or protect Huntley.

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      I didn’t think the O line was terribly good last season. 

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      Ute Fan

      I wish I could be more positive re the o-line but they weren’t that great. I think we’ll struggle more than the national media thinks. Here’s to positive thinking but realistic expectations. #rosebowlbound

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      Ute Fan

      I feel it is negative but because the PAC12 is down. Or because USC will be at some point firing their current HC after a failed season again. 

      So it is kind of a back handed positivity nationally. Like Utah is good because it is an easier path. Not even acknowledging the fact that other conferences have their crap teams. 

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      Ute Fan

      I think Harding does a good job with the line.

      I also don’t think we are as inexperienced as some what to freak out about.
      All have experience both playing and starting. Daniels got some playing time last year. And others have been in the program a year or longer. Guys like capra and toala might not even start because of more talented players in or coming in the program.

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        Ute Fan

        I still feel WRs are the weakest group on the offense. I will always feel that way after the amount of drops we witness year in and year out. 

        Funny enough the depth behind Moss concerned me to close the season. Until they signed Wilmore don’t forget about DHC either. 

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          Ute Fan

          Curious to see how this works out. I would be surprised if Wilmore isn’t the instant #2.

          What does #3 look like, TJ Green? DHC? Shyne? Brumfield? 

          Then you’ve got Micah Bernard, who I heard will redshirt. And Joey Wood. 

          We need a solid #3/#4 for depth and to make defenses scheme for more guys. We cant have the #3 run with their head down and miss on pass protection. 

          I know 2016 was a crazy year, but does anyone else feel like we might have some transfers here? I think the only person that could redhsirt would be Brumfield. 


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            Ute Fan

            Green is ok mostly inexperience blocking.  Wasn’t impressed with Brumfield. Shyne looks like he might quit football or run all over. He is great to mediocre. 

            DHC is good see how he rehabbed I guess. Wilmore doesn’t have an easy path but his stats in high school were unreal. 

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          Ute Fan

          I don’t remember Tyler or Jason throwing to the RBs much. I mean there were some screens, but it never seemed like there were even short routes to our RBs. After watching Booker catch pass after pass, I have to wonder if Zack can’t catch? I’d sure love to see Ludwig find more ways to get the ball to Moss in space.


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