We may not have a top-10 recruiting class

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      But, I believe we have what we need to continue competing at a high level.  I understand Pace’s concern about recruiting and I hope as the years go on – we will indeed be able to be a top-20 team when it comes to recruiting.  However, we are a top-5 team when it comes to player development.  We will likely have six or seven of our defensive players drafted in the NFL.  None were 5-star recruits and only one or two were 4-star recruits.  I doubt any other college team will have has many defensive players drafted this year.

      We develop defensive lineman, corners and safeties.  Look at our record of getting these guys drafted.  It’s really quite amazing when you look at their star rating coming out of high school.

      Did we get everything we wanted in this recruiting class?  No, but we got some very good talent and I believe this class will develop into a very nice team.  IMO Scalley will turn 3-star safeties into All Americans and our defensive lineman will continue to dominate the All PAC12 team for years to come.

      We did not lose to Oregon because we weren’t good enough. A lot of crap happened and we got beat, but we were good enough to win that game.  We are a top-ten caliber team with a recruiting class that averages about 35-40.

      Go Utes!!!


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      If I had to target one area in recruiting it would be Oline. Andy has a handle on QB, McDonald has put together a quality RB room. Receivers are good (Thompson and Enis will be dangerous), DBs are solid as is the line. LB is my second biggest area of concern, but no where near as critical as the Oline. And yes Oline was an issue in the CCG.

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        Yup, this. I want us to stockpile great O-line like we do D-Line. Championships are won in the trenches. As evidenced by the Pac12 CG.

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