Weather for Bearz vs Utes

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        Ute Fan

        Weather systems are now synced to come through on the weekends.   A front will pass through Salt Lake on Saturday afternoon.   This will reverse wind from south at 20 mph to northwest at 20 with gusts to 30; then moderating by game time to NW at 15 mph.   The air mass with this one is fairly dry so there may be a line of showers associated with the front, not expecting it to last long if it occurs — should be done by kickoff in any event.  Kickoff temperature 51 after an early-afternoon high of 65 (don’t be fooled by warm midday!), then dropping to the low 40s by the end of the game.  Sunset at 6:32 pm.

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        Ute Fan

        Man, I hope people actually show up for this game. The turnout during the ASU game was sad. This is one of the best Utah teams we have had in a while, they deserve a packed house for every home game.

        If you can’t make the game, please get your tickets to someone who can. I know life happens, and I know I’m in the minority of people on this board who enjoys the late kickoffs. But lets give the UBoyz some respect and show up for them.

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          Larry B
          Ute Fan

          And get there before the team runs out of the tunnel! I hate the fact that the stadium is still 1/4 empty at kickoff. This team deserves a full stadium as they run into the field.

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          Ute Fan

          Yes, I post the weather to help fans prepare — hopefully it does not scare anyone away.  Your clothing for winter sports should suffice this time.

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        Ute Fan

        It was pretty pathetic to see half the stadium, especially the west seats, empty out half time. I sit in N25, where nearly everyone stayed the whole game,and IMO got to witness one of the coolest ute moments ever as Mr. Zack Moss ran into the record books, and finished off the sporks. Dress for the elements, show up early, cheer loud, and stay the whole game. I love this team, they leave it all out on the field, as a fan you should be able to stick out some rain. We live in Utah for hell’s sake.

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          Ute Fan

          We’re there every game making sure to catch the train early so we’ll arrive well in time if there’s a delay (usually get there around the time they fire off the 45-minute cannon), enjoy watching the team warm up, then watch the band and flag ceremony, and once the game starts, we stay until the very end whether we’re losing or winning and no matter what the weather.

          Indeed last week was such a great game (despite the elements).  So fun seeing the defense completely shut down the Forks (Daniels threw as many passes into the stands as his receivers caught), and a very special historic moment when Zack broke the record by running in for the score (and pretty much the entire stadium knew that had put him over the mark).



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        Ute Fan

        I believe there were two factors affecting last week’s attendance. One was the weather for sure , the other was the opening of the deer season. About 10% of the population goes hunting on that weekend. This year was the first in a while that conflicted with the hunt.

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