What an age we live in

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        Sure beats the crappy days from the 80’s when the most exciting thing at Utah Football games was watching the frat boys try to not get caught running across the field or girls dropping trench coats and streaking buck naked to lay down on the U in the middle of the field.

        Go UTES!!! BEAT USC!!!

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          girls dropping trench coats and streaking buck naked to lay down on the U in the middle of the field.

          I say we bring back some of those old times.

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            Hoo Ray Who?
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            I was in the SEZ on that glorious afternoon. My young eyes. Momentous day in a young man’s life. 

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          Ute Fan

          Yeah – streaking – don’t remember exactly what years that was a popular activity, not just on campuses, but everywhere;  regardless of when it was, it seems like a fad that should make an immediate return.

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            Ute Fan

            Rejoice for being topless is now acceptable!

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              Ute Fan

              Was thinking that today if someone were to repeat the 80s female streaker’s proud run to midfield, how many phones would capture that moment.

              Seems the peak of the streaking craze was back in the mid 70s.  Had a streaker run across the stage at an award show (Oscars I believe) and also had a streaker running around during the Montreal Olympic game ceremonies (view by a world wide audience)  

              Remember that someone once spread rumors (quite a task to do that back then without social media) of a streaker who would be running down Main Street in Salt Lake.  When the announced date/time came, lots of people were looking out their office windows and lined up on the sidewalk waiting for the show which turned out to be a no-show.


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              Ute Fan

              Since the campus is state property, I don’t think they have the authority to arrest topless people anymore.

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                Ute Fan

                Yes, I believe there was a change in Utah law to allow women to bare brests.  Maybe there can still be ‘indecient’ if there is a lack of quallity.

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                  Ute Fan

                  No change in Utah law I think, but a recent 10th Circuit Court decision makes it legal in the Circuit. Invalidated an anti-female nudity law based on equality and free expression.

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                    Ute Fan

                    I’m all for women who chose to express themselves by baring that particular part of their anatomy.

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