While I don’t like that we lost to BYU this year,

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        Larry B
        Ute Fan

        I do like the fact that we have become their Superbowl. I’ve heard a lot of their fans say that no matter what happens the rest of the season, it’s a success because they beat us. There’s nothing more little brother-ish than that.

        I had a co-worker tell me that our win against ASU was a good win, but beating USC meant nothing because “USC is down this year”. Of course, he didn’t want to talk about the fact that Utah is also “down” compared to recent years and therefore BYU beating us “meant nothing”.

        This year was an excellent example of why playing them is only bad for us. If we beat them, it was a game we were supposed to win. If we lose to them, it just looks bad. Maybe that will change once they join the Big12 but I’d still be all for only playing them every few years or so.

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        Ute Fan

        For me it boils down to obtaining our goals. We have made two Pac-12 championships but have yet to win and play in the Rose Bowl. Getting to the Rose Bowl is the next logical goal that we should want to obtain. We lose to BYU and it is meaningless. We lose to SC and our chances at a Rose Bowl are significantly lessened. If I had to choose between beating SC or BYU I am taking SC every damn time. I haven’t always felt this way and I do enjoy the game but we have bigger things ahead of us.

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        Ute Fan

        They talk an awful lot of crap about the Pac-12 while they still have Wazzu and USC to play. Hoping they both humble poo poo a little bit.
        What’s funny to me is that they will be going to a bowl game in Shreveport, LA and have nothing to play for at this point. Their destination is determined. We still have a conference championship and NY6 to play for.
        Not to mention, Utah is ranked higher than BYU now, and has a solid chance of finishing ahead of them in the polls. Warms my heart.

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        I’m sick of them. I wish they would just go away. I love beating them, but we’re 3-0 and in control of our season in the Pac-12 now. Whether we win or lose a pre-season game has no bearing on our goal of winning the Pac-12 championship.

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          Ute Fan

          Every year a little part of me (just a little) wishes that a giant sinkhole would open up below Cougar Stadium during the Boise St & BYU game.  Does that make me petty?

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        Ute Fan

        Kilavkoff has made it clear that the Alliance wants pre-season games between the Big ten, the PAC-12, and the ACC. What this is subtly implying is that these 3 are trying to take on the SEC and the Big 12 won’t be welcome. This is huge. Basically, BYU has joined a dying conference (even though they’re doing fairly well this season in football) and we’re ok with that. 

        That’s the kind of preseason I want and I think it’s high time we released from this rivalry and move on. 

        I’m starting to think that the only reason that Ute fans care about the Holy War is BECAUSE the Y fans care soooo much about it. 

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        Ute Fan

        It was not good that we lost to the Y. However, going forward if they get one out of ten, as we already know, will do very little to make you happy. I very much expect Utah to finish the year ranked and the Y will not. Simply think of it as a stumble with a mid major, accept openly that it was an awful mistake, and turn the discussion to that of what the RANKED teams are currently doing. WSU will give them a third straight loss, Bronco will make them look forward to basketball season.

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          Larry B
          Ute Fan

          I would actually be shocked if they lost to WSU. WSU isn’t a great team to begin with, and now it sounds like they are firing their coach. Virginia could and probably will beat them. USC has the talent to beat them but i think they’ve just about checked out.

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        Ute Fan

        Utah just needs to drop byu. Even when they join the Weak8. It will still be a money game for byu. Does nothing for Utah.

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        Ute Fan

        Even when we lose to them, it’s like we still win.

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