Who is Dallin Holker?

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      As was posted below. Dallin Holker is leaving BYU effective immediately.  He cannot enter the transfer portal until December 5th when it opens for 45 days.  So why is he quitting now?  If he plays 4 or fewer games – he can count this as a redshirt year and still have two years of eligibility remaining.

      Holker was the Utah 5A MVP in 2017 when he caught 90 passes for over 1700 yards.  Those are some great stats.  He played for one year at BYU and then went on a mission.  He had a very good freshman year.  Now he is part of a program that does not utilize the tight ends as coach Grimes did.  Since Grimes left – BYU has not targeted their tight ends so much.  Even their stud tight end, Rex only had a handful of catches last season before breaking his ankle in the last game of the season.

      According to Holker’s dad, he wants to go to a school that utilizes their tight ends more.  I would assume that Utah is at the top of that list for two reasons.  1. We utilize our tight ends a lot.  2. His wife is a track star at BYU.  I assume that he wants to play someplace where she won’t have to give up her track career.  (Weddle did this when his wife played soccer at USU.  They lived halfway between the two campuses.)

      Should Utah take a chance on Holker when he becomes available?  I would say, yes.  He is 6’5″ and 240 pounds.  He is a big strong target.  Do not be too quick to judge his stats from last season since BYU is just not passing much to their tight ends including Rex.  In Holker’s last game he had 5 catches against Oregon.  That was the most he has had since returning from his mission.  We are going to lose Kuithe and Kincaid this year.  I think Holker may be a good addition to our team.  We cannot even talk to the kid until December.


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      I rhink he makes a lot of sense here. The kid can play, and we would use him.

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      IIRC, we recrutied him hard in high school????

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      I took a peek at the CB to see what they were saying this morning.  Every one of the top ten posts on the front page deals with Holker leaving.  This would not happen if they really thought Holker was not a good player.

      A few are supportive of Dallin, but most are blasting the poor kid for his decision.  This summer, many BYU fans thought that Holker would be their star tight end this year.  Now, they are turning on him, especially if he ends up at Utah.

      I think he would be a perfect fit for the Utes if he decides to come here and we want him.  I trust KW and the offensive coaching staff.  They know what he can do.  If they think he is a good fit – that’s good enough for me.  If not – then I suspect that they feel like they have the tight ends they need for the future.


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        I contrast to Zoob-board (who vilifies departing transfers), when players have left Utah for other opportunities, our community has been largely supportive of them.  Certainly at times, we’ve been disappointed, but have generally not harbored ill feelings and have wished them good fortune in their future endeavors.



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        Haha!  I just went over there to take a peek, and really loved this thread — “Major problem for Holker

        It’s one of those “sour grapes” justifications for him leaving.  He insists that Holker is now, and forever would be, Isaac Rex’s backup…

        If he plays out this year and next at BYU, he is back-up to Rex.  Rex is obviously the better NFL prospect…Holker will be second fiddle behind Rex…[Holker] is stuck down the depth chart behind someone else, and will be for the rest of his career if he stays at BYU.” — Dan

        But the stats don’t bear that out.  Per ESPN, only 3 TEs had caught a pass thus far in the season, and Holker leads the bunch.

        D Holker:  9-receptions, 86-yds, 1-TD

        I Rex:  5-receptions, 62-yds, 1-TD

        C Wheat:  1-reception, 5-yds, 0-TD

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      I’ve heard of him at least, unless there’s another more popular Holker. So I’d assume he’s good.

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        More popular Hulka…

        Sgt Hulka

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      If he was to come to Utah he would likely be a favorite to be a starter next year. With 2 years to play he would make a positive impact on our offense. We do need good pass catching TE additions for next year.

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