Who would you like to see on our non-conference schedule?

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      Our non-conference schedule currently looks like this:
      2016: Southern Utah, BYU, San Jose State. I’m not intrigued by any of those games.
      2017: North Dakota, BYU, San Jose State. Again, I’m not intrigued by any of those games.
      2018: Weber State, Northern Illinois, BYU. Again, none of these games intrigue me.
      2019: BYU, Northern Illinois, Idaho State. None of these games intrigue me.
      2020: BYU. This game does not intrigue me.

      Here are the schedules I’d like to see:

      2016: USU, New Mexico, Wyoming
      2017: USU, CSU, SDSU, Hawaii
      2018: USU, AFA, Navy
      2019: USU, Fresno State, UNLV, Hawaii
      2020: USU, Boise State, Wyoming

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      Ute Fan

      Generally, I’d like to see:

      1 game against another P5 team
      1 game against a MWC or another G5 team from Tx, Fla or Cal or TDS
      1 easy game, even if its FCS

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        What the hell is the point of playing an FCS team? If you’re wanting to soften the schedule, why are you scheduling another P5 team? Your schedule makes even less sense than Dr Hill’s.

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      Ute Fan

      Games in Florida and Texas. Not really picky on who. We could schedule a home and home with Florida International and Houston for all I care. We just need to play in those states.

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        Ute Fan

        I really like your suggestion. I’d also like to see other P5’s. Be really cool if the PAC-12/Big10 deal got worked out.

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          Ute Fan

          Agree, would be cool to see some P5 schools that we never play. Maybe Miami, or Penn State, or West Virginia. Some schools with great tradition, but in some down years so we may actually be able to get them to sign off on a home and home.

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      Ute Fan

      god those non conference schedules suck if you don’t care about byu (me). chris hill must have been hoping that byu would save the general public from noticing how bad those games are. definitely disappointed with the non-con schedule coming up. playing byu isn’t the same if it has no meaning because they arent in the same conference anymore.

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      Ute Fan

      2016: Arkansas, Utah state, UNC
      2017: Penn state, MWC equivalent team, UNC
      2018: Arkansas, Utah state, Penn state
      2019: Florida, MWC equivalent team, tCU

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        Ute Fan

        TCU all the way. I always enjoyed playing them in the MWC and have enjoyed watching them rise up in the national perspective.

        I think a regular game with them would be great for recruiting and would be a good gauge of how we’re stacking up around the nation each year.

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      I haven’t seen our next few years of preseason presented like that. They pretty much suck.

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      Ute Fan

      Any team from Texas and/or Florida. You can pretty much pick and choose a ‘G5’ or ‘P5’ in those states. Army would be a good game since the SEC and B1G consider them ‘P5’ even though I think Utah would throttle them. A home-and-home with Ohio State would be unbelievable! I can’t understand why that hasn’t happened yet and I haven’t even heard of it being discussed? Who knows if Urban Meyer will be there in ’23 and beyond? We get Baylor in what… 2021-22? We know what to look forward too for the next five years and it’s very disappointing.

      Well, at least Utah will most likely keep its great OOC winning percentage since joining the Pac-12 for the next five years.

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      Ute Fan

      I’d like to see some middle tier ACC/SEC and Big 12 teams. Give us a NC or a Boston College, or a Kentucky…otherwise almost any team in texas. Those out of conference need to be about recruiting and increased national exposure. Playing in the west doesn’t do nearly as much good for us as playing a Central Florida or a Rice to be honest. So anyone who pimps us in those regions works for me.

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      Ute Fan

      The only decent series we have scheduled is Baylor, which I give an A+ since it’s winnable, P5, and a recruiting hotspot. By the same token, I’d love Miami (battle for the U).

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      Ute Fan

      I get that we have a regular season schedule to be happy about, but our out-of-conference schedule really is horrendous. Unfortunately, I don’t see that changing in the future.

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      Ute Fan

      LSU in Death Valley at Night. Season opener or at least early September,

      They haven’t lost a Non-conf game at home in forever but I think we’d match up well style wise. Basically I want to snap their streak.

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      Ute Fan

      I realize it doesn’t ne essayist help our recruiting, but I’d love to see more games against random Big-10 and ACC teams, simply because these would be more exotic match-ups.

      How about Penn St., Northwestern, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Miami, Rutgers and Boston College? That would be fun to do home-and-homes with those teams, especially the travel. Wouldn’t it be great to visit cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago and Miami on road trips?

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      Ute Fan

      1 game with a California G5 like SJSU/SDSU
      1 game with a Texas G5 like Houston/SMU or a Florida G5 like UCF/USF
      1 game with a name brand P5 not in the perennial top 10 from the ACC/SEC like Miami, Clemson, VT / LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia

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      Ute Fan

      I would love to have a regular TX school. TCU would be great because of our short conference afiliation, but I don’t think they’d go in for a regular gig. Our fan base would enjoy it m,ore than their’s and they don’t need to come all the way out to Utah to recruit or get a decent opponent, but we need to plant some roots in TX. I think scheduling H/H with G5 and any P5 we can get from TX and FL makes sense.
      I think we make sure we get a northern Cal game almost every year Fresno, SJSU, not sure who else.

      The biggest thing is making sure we get 7 home games per year which can be tricky with our conference schedule. When I went to OSU I learned a few things. 1) They have a ridiculous number of sports. I had friends who were on a wakeboarding club team the school had money to sponsor. They have a women’s target shooting team etc. The ADS actually funds non-athletic scholarships every year because they have so much money 2) They run those programs in the black. 3) They are able to do this for lots of reasons, but the thing that keeps them there year in and year out is filling up Ohio Stadium at least 7 times a year. That 7th home game is the difference between red and black in their budget. 7 home games = more revenue, significantly higher chance at a winning record and bowl game which = more practice, more revenue, and more exposure.

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      Ute Fan

      I was really disappointed with the scheduling agreement between the PAC12 and BIG10 fell through because I thought it was the perfect setup for out of conference scheduling. 1 game with a medium to great P-5 team and then 2 games with G5, usually with one being a local team.

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      Ute Fan

      I would like to see 1 game a year (H/H series) with teams like

      Penn State
      other quality P5’s I am forgetting

      1 game against TDS or USU (alternate years)

      1 game against MWC or FCS team

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        Ute Fan

        +1 aTm, Miami, FSU, Penn State, Whisky

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      Utah man forever
      Ute Fan

      This is one time I agree with you moose.

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