Why I’m worried and not worried for Saturday

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      Worried: Pac12 After Dark on the road. The PTSD from past November collapses is real. Arizona has a track record of upsetting highly ranked teams at home over the last decade.

      Not Worried: This team is on a different level since the Friday night Moss-less stumble in Los Angeles. Utah has already smashed through the walls of several superstitious streaks and potential road blocks. Utah was previously 0-5 when going into a game with an 8-1 record, and then proceeded to completely smash a resurgent UCLA squad to get to 9-1. Chris Petersen was a menacing 14-0 coming off of bye weeks, but no worries! Utah took a few punches on the chin then choke slammed the Huskies (in Seattle – in big bad November). Washington State came into Salt Lake with the highest scoring O in country with a TD machine at QB; Utah allowed them to score 1 TD. Arizona State came in with great QB play, RB, Defense and big momentum; Utah broke them and they have yet to recover. Oregon State is a decent football team this season; Utah went to Corvallis made them look like a bad FCS squad. Cal has a very talented defense; Huntley and Moss embarrassed them. These seniors didn’t come back to lose to inferior opponents.

      With the recent news about Arizona firing coaches and their O-Line being decimated with injuries, there’s no reason this game shouldn’t have a similar score the OSU and UCLA games. Outside of the one September outlier, any team unfortunate enough to be in Utah’s path has left in a heap of twisted metal and destruction. Arizona just happens to be the next poor bastards along that path. 

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      Ute Fan

      Not Worried: Utah is in a different universe than UA in every phase of the game and every statistical category.

      Worried: Anae may beat on Khalil Tate so hard that he actually faces criminal charges and misses the next game.

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        Ute Fan

        Tate could find himself on his back so often, he might get pregnant.

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      Literally the only thing about this game that worries me, is where I’m going to find an FS1 feed, so I can enjoy the beatdown 🙂

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      I just pray for no injuries.

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      My thoughts on this are, if #7 Utah can’t beat a hapless Arizona, then all the hype surrounding this team (P12 Championship, Rose Bowl, playoff) wasn’t real.

      I refuse to believe the hype isn’t real.  I am not worried, and that’s unsual for me. 

      Utah 45 Arizona 6

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        Exactly. Be worried or not as a fan. If Utah can’t get this win, they just don’t belong in the top tier discussion. 

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      This team is like a box of chocolates. Everything points to a Utah win but teams like Arizona, man for man, are as talented or more so than the Utes. I’m just hoping they don’t put it together tomorrow night.
      Posted by MiamiUte — from block U site == This guy is off if you ask me …………

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