Why is Utah starting 3 FR in the Oline?

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        Ute Fan

        This is not a good thing in my opinion.

        It just means your returning experienced vets weren’t that good to begin with. 

        There were missed assignments all over the line last night. They played passive and slow. 

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        Ute Fan

        Perhaps the O-Line was the position group who all got covid. They may not have been running at full strength. Just spitballing. We’ll see as time goes by.

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          Ute Fan

          I heard the O-line was hit with Covid so this is probably true.

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          Central Coast Ute
          Ute Fan

          I think you’re correct. The week of the UCLA game, it seemed like Nick Ford was the deciding factor to cancel. If he either had it at one point or was sidelined due to contact tracing, you can bet it was the O line that had some issues.

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        Ute Fan

        The offensive line was 100 percent in quarantine for the last 10 days for most. Hopefully that was the reason for the way they looked. But they were the group that was hit the hardest.

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          Majerus’ Poop Towel
          Ute Fan

          Considering the offensive line’s screwups cost us a Rose Bowl and/or a playoff appearance last year, it’s no surprise they would also be the position group to fail with COVID restrictions and ruin this season too. 

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