Why the Utes Will Win the Pac-12 Championship Game

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    Now were talking – From an article on AthlonSports.com Five reasons why Utah wins.

    1. QB Jason Shelley – steady at the helm
    2. Utah’s offense is finishing drives now – confidence, confidence, confidence
    3. Utah’s defense is strong enough to shut down Washington – make UW one dimensional on offense
    4. Deep threats have emerged at receiver for Utah – spreading the field
    5. Bowl game mentality – Coach Whittingham goes for the jugular

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    Alternatively: Five reasons why UW wins.

    1. Defense – Washington is coming off quite a statement game defensively
    2. Myles Gaskin – big games against Utah in September, and again last Friday.
    3. Huskies can gain ground with more than just Gaskin – depth on offense, at every position
    4. Jake Browning – 38 wins – exploitable in the big games?
    5. Unfinished business – carrying forward after beating WSU – rested? focused on Roses? a trap game?

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      I think the snow should get equal credit for stopping the WSU ohfense.

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    These are the silliest reasons I’ve heard…

    Steady at the helm?… okay sure.. whatever that means. 

    Finishing drives.. you mean in the least 12 minutes of the last game when a G5 opponent was exhauste and injury riddled?

    Deep threats?  I’m assuming you mean Dixon who is our only deep threat and he drops 50 of the deep balls that hit him in the hands.  WSU, ASU, BYU.. all drops

    Our defense isn’t going to stop their run.  They probably go for 200 in this game. Add another 200 in the air and they are looking just fine.  

    Your reasons UW wins are much more compelling and are somewhat reasonable.  


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      There are a few Washington boards you can post to. 

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        By the way, Max Browne the former USC QB and now Youtube sensations has picked Utah over UW.

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      I don’t think you’ve said one positive word about Utah this whole season. You sure you’re a fan?


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