Winning the conference and going to Rose Bowl

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      Ute Fan

      Would be nice.  However, as I have said before – I am most interested in playing well and progressing.  Of course – if we do that the Rose Bowl should take care of itself.  I am not so interested in backing into the South championship because ASU loses 2 more games.

      I really want to see our team play well and win.  I think our best seasons are ahead of us.  A nice end to this season bodes well for 2022 and 2023 IMO.

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      If we make it to the Pac-12 championship and/or the Rose Bowl, we may not win either but the experience the team will gain will be invaluable for the next couple of years.

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        PNW Ute
        Ute Fan

        The experience would be invaluable. Would probably be a boost in recruiting too. Winning the conference championship and/or playing in a Rose Bowl should be a major selling point to recruits.

        Plus, think about how amazing it would be for this group of players and coaches, this year, to get to experience the Rose Bowl. Just getting to enjoy that experience would be so special.

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      Ute Fan

      Especially 2023. We will lose a lot of really talented and productive players after this year which will impact 2022. But a ton of Freshman and Sophomores are playing now and will be Juniors and Senior I’m 2023. That’s the year I’m looking at!

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