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    I can’t understand why we would play BYU.  It makes no sense to me.  Play it for the “fans”?  No one will be at the game.  If we win, it will only prove the BYU is a fraud. It will add nothing to our national reuptation. If we lose the streak, we provide BYU with their greatest win in the history of the series.  It is a Covid year with the Utes…[Read more]

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    Didn’t watch the game, ESPN radio this morning spent a segment on BYU being rated highly by Running up the score on bad teams.  Did GYU really try a fake punt up 30 something in the second half?  KSL is ecelebrating the play.  What a great culture.    

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    Where is Bill Riley and KALL radio? In the past when he was out of town, he got guests hosts? I worry that with the selling of Real Salt Lake, KALL radio will change a lot.

  • In this wildest of summers, I hope you are staying safe (whatever that means to you).
    As well as being a Ute fan, I am a Jazz fan (of the product), who finds it difficult to listen to the coverage.  So,  I am tring to listen to 1280 the zone to get Jazz information in the morning with this weird playing in the bubble thing.  Sorry, but i find…[Read more]

  • Hey,
    I don’t have any information about the Morgan Scalley situation, and have perhaps a different look at the impact of Morgan Scalley with minority recruits.  Even with the Scalley baggage, the Utes will still get in the door, because of the player development and program profile.  The Utes then will have an opportunity to land the recruit…[Read more]

  • Seems to be a lot of buzz around this topic with Pope and Burgess doing the soliciting from ute insiders.  Is this true? Seems like a lot of questions are being asked?  Not that it actually means anything.  

  • The best big man in the planet has his fourth article (Matt (in Haarms Way)) in the Tribune  before he plays a game for byu.  He may end up being good, but wow! He has the most undeserved hype since…Please add your notes here.  Boy, the newspapers are awful.    

  • Hey,
    Who bets that ESPN 700 is the only station/newspaper to mention the story on Alex Smith’s injury that airs nationally on ESPN at 5:30 pm Friday night?

  • Hey,
    After a great weekend for Utah sports as I was watching the NFL draft, I turned on the TV last night to watch a re-cap on Talking Sports on KUTV News.  Much to my surprise, the lead story was Taysom Hill and his backkup quarterback contract, and an extended story about Zach Wilson and the news worthy information that he is anxious to get…[Read more]

  • Bill Riley had Mike Newlin, Ken Gardner and another Ute on today for about an hour.  It is a must listen to.  I hope they have it recorded and up on the KALL site.  They had fabulous stories.  Mike Newlin and Mitch Smith are the toughest Utes I haved ever seen.

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