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    One of our TEs paved the way to a win last night. No not Kincaid, no not Yassmin, no not even Kendall.
    It was Connor O’Toole, I still think he made that catch against SDSU last year, but are we where we are now if that catch was called incomplete? Are we where we are if O’Toole doesn’t switch to D. Van out for the year hurts, unless you’ve got…[Read more]

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    On whether or not this win was sweeter given all the noise about USC being the likely winner
    “There was a lot of noise. We had a team meeting and had a vote if we should even show up for kickoff because they were already going to the Playoffs and had the Heisman and this and that (smiling). It’s not their fault. It’s people that get ahead of…[Read more]

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    Didn’t realize it was the same DB who got posterized by both Yassmin and JJ.

    “The 60-yard touchdown from Utah quarterback Cam Rising to tight end Thomas Yassmin that ended with the bowling over of safety Calen Bullock. The 53-yard touchdown run by tailback Ja’Quinden Jackson that ended with the bowling over of Bullock for the second time in as m…[Read more]

  • According to ESPN Stats & Info tweet USC is 65-5 over the last 10 years when leading by 14 points. Four of those five losses are to Utah!

    Sorry can’t embed the tweet.

  • 27 carries 56 yards.

    Caleb Williams 12 rushes for 21 yards with a long of 59 yards.

    That is possibly the stat of the game.

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    USC’s defense has not really improved over the year in my opinion.
    Avg points given up after each game.
    1. 14
    2. 21
    3. 19.67
    4. 18.25
    5. 19.6
    6. 18.67
    7. 22.14 (Go UTES!) 43 points
    8. 24
    9. 25.22
    10. 24.4
    11. 26.27 (GO BRUINS!) 45 points
    12. 26.33 (GO FIGHTING IRISH) 27 points
    I think Utah goes off for 35 or so, it will just come…[Read more]

  • Utah had a pretty good showing in Boulder. Probably 30% of the crowd.

    Most of the Utah fans were right behind the Utah bench. We kept cheering as we got score updates on Oregon’s demise. When they showed the Final score the whole West side erupted.

    CPIII warmed up, and from an insider it sounded like he may not play again for Utah. I don’t…[Read more]

  • Why even put that on film if we aren’t going to at least keep Oregon on their heels by putting in Johnson again. You know Rhino rolling out is going to freeze the defense in that situation. Then take an option off that. Did we put it on film in hopes we could win at Colorado? We could put pretty much any walk on in at QB and beat CU.
    Cam played a…[Read more]

  • SEC playing their rest and relax weekend
    Only two games today match up top25 teams, and as we all know both are on semifinal weekend in the P12.

  • Has that happened since we joined the Pac12?
    They aren’t favored against WSU or ASU but it could happen.
    Jayden DeLaura is not going to want to lose to WSU, and nobody on Arizona’s team could tolerate a loss to the Scum Devils. It could happen. And both games are at home.
    Stay tuned.

  • So i’ll warn you in advance, this is going to be a bit of a potpourri. I’m trying to make sense of so much.
    1. Bo Nix – transfers from Auburn to Oregon and has had a pretty good season so far.
    Is the Pac easier than the SEC? Is this playing into the Auburn and Dan Lanning mutual interest. Dan Lanning took a QB who was mediocre at Auburn and is…[Read more]

  • 21-19.
    Did not see that coming.

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    I took a lot of crap for giving Rising an F last week. I stand by that. And it’s easy to see what an A game for Rising looks like now.
    Rising – A, the heart of a champion. I think that is first time we’ve seen the Rising we all got used to last season.
    Kincaid – A+ Two of his catches were absolutely amazing, the one he high pointed and caught…[Read more]

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  • Scalley – F
    Ludwig – F
    Rising – F
    Tavion Thomas – B
    How can you look at yourself in the mirror after that performance???!!!!!
    I haven’t seen Utah this bad in the regular season in four years.
    This is as bad as the Northwestern, Texas and Oregon Conference championship games.
    Better find themselves this week or USC is going to roll us 52-6. 

  • #7 THEM lost but to an undefeated #14 Ole Miss.
    #13 Oregon is dismantling Stanford.
    I think Ole Miss jumps us, AND I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oregon jump us as well.
    We just have to keep winning as that solves all problems. I only see one or two teams ending the season undefeated.
    Alabama/Georgia winner and Ohio State.
    I don’t think…[Read more]

  • Last night after the UW-UCLA game I couldn’t sleep so was watching FIBA women’s basketball US v China. At halftime ESPN went black. 
    SlingTV put up a message that Disney didn’t agree to their terms. So ESPN was not available. ESPN knows live sports are valuable so probably holding SlingTV hostage during football season. Man I hate Cable,…[Read more]

  • It may sound crazy but when I look at Utah’s schedule the toughest game I see left on the schedule is Oregon. However I think we have the best leadup to that game. Stanford, Arizona, Colorado all grouped around Oregon give me hope. 
    OSU at home – a challenge
    USC at home – a challenge
    The only three games I could see Utah taking a loss are…[Read more]

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    First of all, go John White iV. Set the ball down on the back line. Don’t hope for a call on the goal line. Second, when you’ve got time and the defense doesn’t expect it, RUN THE BALL!!!!!!
    Clutch moving the ball down the field, but got to finish.

  • A few stats really stood out to me.
    Sacks – 42, I had to do a double take. It really stood out as I think they only gave up 13.
    TOP – Utah averaged just a minute more than their opponents. Not sure whether we scored quicker on each drive or the BYU, Oregon St, and SDSU games brought the number down.
    Avg score – I think it was 36.1, I can’t…[Read more]

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