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    Great article on a great kid on and off the field


    Has any true freshman looked less like a true freshman that this guy?
    Thanks for being a Ute Jaylon
  • ProudUte

    Weddle, Rowe, Blechen.

  • KiYi-Ute

    Kid is special. Grateful that he chose to come to Utah. Here’s to a few years of Jaylon awesome-ness and then a long and successful NFL career and/or whatever he wants after.

  • UteFanatic

    I love Jaylon. Talented kid with a great attitude. He will be one the greats. He’ll be gone to the NFL after his junior season, I guarantee it.


    Good interviews with Alex Smith.

    Father in law called me today knowing I’d like them.  Noticed they are on UF.net but for those who never make it there….



  • Stone

    Bless you. I have no gripe with UF.net, but it’s too much for me to be checking and active on both sites; so if it happens there, I will not know about it. For those that frequest both forums, I sincerely appreciate the passing along of Ute-related information.

  • UTE98

    You gotta raise your kids right.

    My daughter just walked in my room and asked, “Do you think BYU will lose to Wisconsin?” I said, “Yeah, why?”



    Looks kind of chilly for the game Saturday night

    Good football weather, highs only in the mid-60s Saturday, then dropping to the mid-50s during the game.  Little to no wind, though.

  • ladyinred

    I for one am ready for fall weather. Looking forward to the game, though I don’t love the 8pm and later kickoffs.

    • utefansince79

      Rain is supposed to be gone by Saturday night.  As long as it’s dry, should be a pleasant evening.


    • COFfrom83

      sucks when you’re in the eastern time zone and the game starts at 10

  • TexUte

    SIAP, I get a good laugh out of these, LOL Wisconsin/LSU

    Illustrated CFB rankings week 3

    Also, saw a license plate on way home beginning with “DC9”, you can guess what came to mind, finally, a game changing WR. Go Utes!   Don’t know if there’s a way to post the photo from my phone, Tony? 

  • Hammer

    What is “caw caw” from?

    • Utah

      He started back when this first started. I think it’s playing off of swoop. 

  • rbmw263

    I remember most blue people becoming incensed when it was suggested

    Troy was better than tanner mangum. Even replete with numbers dive from joe silv. It really is amazing to me how they consistently overhype guys on a universal scale. And they are 100% convinced it’s 100% solid. 100% of the time. 

    Mangum throws a couple jump balls that are caught and beats up on the bottom of FBS and they are convinced he is amazing. Even though he was absolutely awful against the one actually good team they played that year  (Michigan). 
  • Hammer

    A sobering thought is me wondering if Mangum’s “injury” is really just his mental state after these tough games. I hope he’s not letting the zoob crowds get to him. I know he’s had the issue with depression. Hopefully he’s able to keep those things separate.

    On the flip side….have you ever seen more swagger out of a UofU QB than with Huntley? The dude is on a different level with the confidence!

    • Tony
      14 1

      Mangum is probably suffering from low testosterone, common for older males his age.

      • Hammer

        When I’m logged out, I can see Milton Vanderslice, when logged in, I cannot. Am I blocked by him?


        • Tony

          You probably blocked him. Go to the forum view (not home page) by clicking open. In that thread there should be a link to show blocked users. Click that, then you can go down and unblock him. Blocking currently only works in forum view (items found under the forum menu). I’m working on a new system but it my be a while.

          • Milton Vanderslice

            I approve of any message board that automatically blocks me.

    • Milton Vanderslice

      Those same fans helped destroy Jake Heap’s confidence also.

    • rbmw263

      Agreed acrossed the board. As he has spoken of dealing with mental illness the heat he is taking has to have taken a toll. That stuff can be tough on those not dealing with depression/anxiety.

      Huntley has the sauce. It’s been evident since the first time we saw him in the spring game. I love that especially at a position that has been devoid of it since Brian Johnson. Relevant note: It’s the most important position on the field
      • Puget Ute

        I think it is very unfair for every problem to get blamed on his mental state. Tanner Mangum did a very brave thing by opening up about depression, and he is unfairly being criticised for it now. That is just the excuse du jour for a horrible fan base who is happy to throw their own players under the bus with shocking regularity.

  • Duhwayne

    No wonder Bronco hated his job.

  • RiseasUtes

    They turn on their own faster than any other fan base.  Ty “freaking” Detmer is already on their burn list after they claimed he was going to be the #1 OC in the country.

    Mangum was also considered a God to them and they were talking about him being a sleeper Heisman pick.  They knocked Williams and then Huntley as being garbage compared to Tanner.  There is really no explaining the rationale behind their thoughts.

  • 2

    I’m so ecstatic that Kalani Sitake is basking in the warmth and security of his dream job.

    Those pubescent twerps are ready to roast him already. The truth is that they are going to need a minimum of four years to build the solid foundation upon which their program can be resurrected. They won’t give a guy two weeks to get things ramped up to their delusional expectations.

    Why would anyone play there? Why would anyone coach there?

    They belong in a league with Liberty and Oral Roberts.