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    Things that stood out to me at the spring game

    Who is the running back with the long hair?  He was pretty damn good. (cont…)

    Great to see Shyne out there again.

    Huntley is going to be so fun to watch this year.

    Tuttle is going to be very good, but he is raw and needs to learn when NOT to throw it.  But some of the throws he made were impressive.

    I love Gay, so to speak.

    Interesting with no kickoffs or punts so can’t evaluate that.

    All in all I don’t think there’s much that can be gained from the game. It was sort of a combination of touch and tackle with not much kicking game. 

  • Smack

    The guy with long hair was Joey Wood. (I think.)

    Anyone know anything about him?

    • Tony

      Right. That’s him.  Great name. He can lay some Wood on people.

      • GameForAnyFuss

        Our best players were Gay and Wood. Gay. Wood.

        My brain never got past 5th grade.

  • rbmw263

    Is it just me or does shyne look massive? Looks like he gained 30 lbs in his upper body.

    I fully expect tuttle to be in the learn what passes he can and can’t make phase. I would actually encourage him being aggressive and trying to see which gaps and windows he can hit. Especially in a scrimmage like that. I want him experimenting and making risky throws

    • Tony

      He looks big. Tuttle looked small.

      • chinngiskhaan

        well… tuttle is a HS senior so…

  • ladyinred

    Tony, you know this is a safe space for us all to confess our Gay love.