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Kind of wish this was the Uni for game one.

  • UM4G
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    Up until now I’ve really liked the helmet designs, but not a fan of this one.

  • whitlessham
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    Image result for noice gif

    • Johnny
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      The only people who I know that say noice or whatever are Mormons. I thought you hated Mormons. You’re definitely a BYU troller

      • whitlessham
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        I don’t know any mormons

      • Chidojuan

        Key and Peele is pretty damn funny though, did it just not catch on anywhere but Utah?

        • FtheY

          It did by default. Dan Smith, BYU. 

          • Chidojuan

            The irony being most of the players on BYU have equally weird names.  Talon Shumway, Chaz Ah You, Bracken El-Bakri.

  • ironman1315

    I dunno, I kind of like the symbolism of the all reds at RES-South. Just saying it’s another home game, really.

  • Larry B
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    Everything about this uniform is awesome except for the helmet decal. It looks… Sloppy.

    • chinngiskhaan
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      If they just took off the Utah state shape it would look much better. The state outline runs into the vents on the helmet and looks funny. Decals that you can tell are obvously decals just look kind of amateurish IMO.

      • UteManX

        Exactly my thoughts. The equipment team does a fantastic job, but this should be painted, not a decal. It looks like it will peel off on the first play. 

  • PhiladelphiaUte
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    This helmet may not suck as hard as the “Red Tail Hawk” and the “U hand symbol” helmets, but they still suck pretty bad.