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A plea to ute twitter…

I don’t know if I’m alone in feeling this way or not, but Ute Twitter has become insufferable over the last couple weeks. 

My plea to those of you on twitter is to please move on and stop tweeting about BYU. No matter how good you think your take is, no matter how wrong you think someone else is, if your tweet includes the three letters BYU, TDS, or any variation thereof…just don’t send it. Stop @ing their reporters, stop refuting anything and everything any local media say about them…just move on. 

End Rant. 

  • Tony

    The zoobs will fade away, as will their season. Enjoy.

  • EagleMountainUte
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    Utah is playing Idaho St. I agree with you but come on. Season doesn’t start until after this weekend. Let them tweet I say.

    • Sweetness

      I feel like there was just so much banter leading up to the game over the summer, that everyone feels like they have a point to prove that they were right and so they can’t find a way to turn themselves off even though it’s been nearly two weeks since the game was played.

      To each their own though…just getting tired of the seemingly never ending attempts by both fanbases trying to discredit each other.

      • ironman1315

        That and they keep falling for criddles trolling.

        • EagleMountainUte

          Twitter is pretty stupid and most things I see is one upmanship and chest pounding.

  • UtahFanSir

    And yet they will say Utah should stop scheduling that program to remain nameless. But should that occur, the withdrawal they would suffer would demand hospitalization. As they say and I believe in this case is spot on, “I can’t quit you.”

  • UtMtBiker
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    You can block if you don’t like it or not read those tweets?  Why do you care what others say about BYU on Twitter? 

  • BulgieUte

    Sweet! Another post about byu telling us to stop bringing up byu.