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    USC receiver Devon Williams entering the transfer portal

    thoughts? He’s 6 ft 4… 210 lbs, and fast. I think it would be great if we could get him (he’s a sophomore).

  • whitlessham

    hmmm. Utah offered him last year

  • Summit Ute

    He’d make a great blocker….

  • Dante Guardi

    He took an official visit to Utah

  • sweetgrass
    8 1

    I fear Solomon Enis might end up in the transfer portal. 

    We got to find a way to get him the ball more.  I think he’s been thrown to once this year.

    • chinngiskhaan

      Enis? I don’t think so. I mean, it could always happen, but he should get plenty of PT the next few years. Who do we have that would take his playing time?

      • Central Coast Ute

        I think his point is that he’s not getting the ball. He’s getting snaps, but not getting thrown to.

        • chinngiskhaan

          I get it I just think its way too early to be worried about that sort of thing with him. HE isn’t burried on the depth chart, and he will in all likelihood get more touches next year if not this year.

    • Chidojuan

      Gotta wait for conference play to start.  He’ll get his catches.  Lack of production from the receivers is not concerning at this point.  We’ve only thrown when we’ve had to.

      • UtemanUtefan

        If Vele redshirts and he’s immediately eligible could we pick him up this year?

        • Chidojuan

          We could pick him up, but they wouldn’t go through the trouble of applying for and NCAA waiver for this year.  For small name schools, they take forever, and it’d be too late for him to have an impact.  Next year, sure, who knows?

          • Utesbyfive

            Does the conference still have a “lose-a-year-of-eligibility” penalty if you transfer in conference?

            • Chidojuan

              Nope, that was actually done away with this year.

      • ironman1315

        He had 13 catches last year, including a beautiful TD grab, for over 100 yards. And he didn’t play much the first of the year. I think we will get him the ball more in the USC game. Watch for a deep playaction pass first play of the game.

    • EastCoastUte

      hope. hes getting playing time. i highly doubt this will happen.

    • Yergensen

      I see the same risk with Enis. 4 star kid who has proven himself and he has 1 target, 1 reception in 2 games and I believe he played special teams last week.  That’s not a knock, but I don’t think 4 star receivers envision themselves blocking and playing special teams in their second year.  After all this year he only has two years left.  I hope he sees Rising and the potential for a lot more throws his way.  Need to start using WR talent or we’ll lose it and have a hard time recruiting it.

    • Red Don

      I don’t believe Enis or Nacua had a ball thrown to them last week.

      • ironman1315

        Wasn’t Macau a bit gimpy?

    • SUUte

      Solo isn’t going anywhere. Kid is all about the team. He’s been quoted as saying he would rather throw a big block so his teammate can get into the end zone rather than himself catching a TD. I wouldn’t worry.

      • chinngiskhaan

        Nothing against the kid, but I don’t buy that for even one second. Sounds like something pretty much every transfer ever has said at some point.