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  • Utah Utes Fan Board

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    Next week we should run every down because we can.

    Give Moss the ball on 3rd and 8.

  • Tony

    Seems like we are starting to use Moss as a good outlet receiver and he’s super dangerous after the catch too.

  • ProudUte

    UCLA’s strength is against the run.  We will need to pass to open up the run IMO. Their pass defense is their weakness.  They will focus on Moss. So, I think we need to pass downfield to open things up for Moss and crew. 

    • Johnny

      I predict this will be much like the ASU game. They are going to go low, the Utes are going to go high. 

      38-7 Utes playing against kids

  • Central Coast Ute

    Moss should get only 15-20 Carrys next week imo. Huntely, back up RB’s and the receivers are capable of winning this game handily and the Utes will need Moss in Santa Clara and then Pasadena after that.