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Round 2 Voting Open – Best Basketball Player in Utah History

The second round voting opened at noon today.

Round 2 Voting Open – Go Vote

  • Hammer

    Really this should go to Billy McGill hands down, right? 38 PPG to lead the nation in scoring, led Utah to the Final Four, #1 draft pick. 

  • bopahull

    Bolomboy over Billie McGill? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • The zoobs will come out in force and give it to Jimmer although he’s no higher than 3 on this list.

    • utefansince79

      Jimmer is very possibly going to win and I would pick Danny Ainge (and a lot of Utes and Aggies, and even a few Wildcats) to be on my team LONG before I pick Jimmer.



      • Central Coast Ute

        I agree. I just have no faith in zoobs these days. I mean take a look at criddle…

        • GameForAnyFuss

          They actually take “Jimmering” polls as a sign of pride. My advice to all is to please not get too outraged about what happens in the poll over the next little while.