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  • Utah Utes Fans


    What are your tailgating plans today?

    This afternoon Mrs. UteHub and I will be setting up our Ute tent, Ute chairs, Ute table, fire pit, flags etc in our driveway.  Snacks, drinks, tossing around a football.  It’s not 69 by the dumpster (ask if you are not familiar with this long standing tradition), but it will have to do. 

  • Utesbyfive

    I’ll make a run to the liquor store so I can have some Gin for the game. Kids are making dinner. I might go outside to smoke a cigar on the patio while it’s still daylight. Then I’ll probably sit at my desk and watch the ESPN stream on my second monitor while I do some work. Working from home kinda sucks because work never really stops.

    • Utesbyfive

      Been sitting outside smoking a cigar sipping a bourbon watching a woodpecker work over my pine tree. Is that a good omen?

  • therealu

    Watching from the cabin. Won’t hit the slopes today, not a ton of snow at Brighton yet. Mimosas this AM, and watching football while keeping the fire going. Not a bad day. 

    • KiYi-Ute

      Putting up the Christmas tree this evening with my fiancé. Bourbon and snacks along the way before settling on the couch for game time (and more bourbon).

      Go Utes!

    • Tony

      Sounds fantastic. 

  • bopahull

    Been smoking a brisket since last night, it will be ready with all the fixings by game time.

    • UteBacker

      What time should I be there?

  • idahoute

    Too nervous to watch! I know I’m a puss. Good thing I’m covering 3 hospitals up here in Idaho to stay busy. Wearing my Utah hoodie over my scrubs though…. Go Utes

    • KiYi-Ute

      Thanks for being a healthcare worker during these wild times.

    • Utebeam

      If you’re in se Idaho you’ll for sure p**s off some Y fans. Stay safe

  • Johnny

    Buying a big bottle of whiskey and staying home alone. Tunnel vision baby. Otherwise I would be up on the hill myself.

    Actually all the people I’ve shared season tickets with over the years, none of them live in Utah anymore.

    • MFury

      Plenty of snow in Canada – riding in Banff/sunshine today, bbq and football this evening. Only thing better would be to be at the game in person.

  • Working. But I’ll be watching.