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  • Utah Utes Fans


    Your favorite Utes game you watched after the fact?

    And completely didn’t know the result until after it happened?

    Mine is 2015 Utah at Oregon. I was in Newcastle England. Went to Newcastle United vs Chelsea game and got completely wasted. Woke up to a billion texts from friends all over the country with shock. Surreal

    Utah 62 Oregon 20

  • GameForAnyFuss

    I’ve never watched a Utah game where I didn’t already know the outcome.

    Probably my best memory of getting a Utah score from a game I didn’t watch was the 2003 football game against BYU-Provo Campus. My wife and I were on vacation in Argentina at the time, and due to the time difference, we went to bed before the game even kicked off. So we got up in the morning to check the score at the hotel’s internet center which had slow, dodgy dialup service in 2003. When we saw the score we both assumed something was wrong with the internet. 🙂 It wasn’t until we called some family in SLC later that day that we learned 3-0 was, in fact, the final score.

  • chinngiskhaan

    The Sugar Bowl for me, hands down. I was on my mission when it happened.

    • Smack

      Such a great game. I remember watching that first quarter and just sitting there almost in shock.

      • BD

        I too was in complete shock. i started watching the game with low expectations. But after Fox Sport’s Daryl Johnston’s “Wow! Wow! Wow!” comment after Utah went up 21-0, it hit me just how special that team was, and I knew Utah would win it.

        Amazing memory.

        • UtahUtesRock

          I went outside and screamed after every Utah score for the benefit of all my Provostian neighbors who reminded me all the way up to the game how Utah was going to get smoked.