RIP #22

Ute Sports

The site provides a calendar for uberfans to follow each and every Ute event.

  • Chester Copperpot

    We should probably just embed that calendar onto this sight, right?

    • dystopiamembrane

      No, that would miss the mark. It would be a burden on Tony to maintain, and could cause the website to load more slowly. Fans of the Utes can bookmark and open the calendar themselves to follow our athletes.

      • How would that miss the mark? It would literally take the good thing you shared and make it easier for people to use here, without leaving the site. Are you trying to drive traffic away from this website? 

        • I didn’t post the calendar for it to be just another link in a list on that no one clicks. 

        • And, to answer your pointed question, in my opinion, is not the landing place for Utah sports. It is a forum to discuss articles and information posted on the landing place,, and to relive Ute exploits on the field. If Ute faithful alumnae/i don’t use regularly, are unaware of that calendar, for example, I am confused.


    Great share! Thank you!

    • I am happy to know you enjoy the page!