Charlie Brewer

Given Whit’s track record for rarely giving out praise unless it’s warranted, leads me to believe Brewer is the real deal. I don’t ever remember Whit talking this way about Rising last year or even Huntely until Tyler’s 3rd year. So I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong if CB leads us to an exciting and “special” year in ’21. I guess if Joe Burrows can do it, why not Charlie Brewer? Anyway, hearing Whit gush over CB has me thinking he’s really good and there’s no way Rising is going to make this into much of a competition when he returns (and that’s IF his shoulder has fully healed which I don’t think it will be by Fall camp).

I’m just reading the tea leaves here and it’s sounding like it’s time to quit hoping for one of our freshman to emerge and instead get behind Brewer. I can’t imagine a scenario where he’s not our QB1 this year given the way Whit is talking about him. Anyone disagree? Also, assuming Bewer is the guy..how will the pecking order go? I would think they’d have Costelli redshirt, Rising #2, JQJ #3? Thoughts??

Just hoping we don’t lose JQJ to the portal, he’s such a talent. And I’m not ready to give up on JQJ being a QB as I realize others would love to see him move to defense so we can get him on the field. I’m just hoping he sticks around and works hard to give himself every opportunity to compete for the job next year. 

  • Ghost of the HEB

    Brewer’s teammates all like him a lot, too. The tight ends were praising him today for putting the ball in the right spot and for his leadership in the huddle. For them to give specific praise like that in a spring camp, they clearly didn’t feel like they had either of those things last season. Covey has also said similar things about his ball placement that allows for YAC. Bentley was awful with ball placement last year.

    Of course, fall is when this all actually matters. But it is encouraging to see coaches and teammates so excited about the performance of a QB. It is also telling that whit had made multiple comments concerning how he wants to bring in 1-2 more transfer receivers. He sees the potential we have with Brewer/the whole QB room and doesn’t wanna risk wasting that by not having enough talent on the outside.

  • Yergensen

    Rising will be given a real opportunity to compete.  They’re both legit and we need both of them given their injury history.

    I assume we told JQJ he was a year away before he came.  However, I think we need to weaponize his talent and keep him engaged with a Taysom Hill like role.

    If I were designing his playbook, one of his designed plays would be a half back RPO.  Remember the jet sweep pass play we ran with Covey against UCLA where he got to the edge and his receivers were covered, he faked pass and then ran it?  Stuff like that would be almost indefensible with JQJ running it.  Get him 5-6 touches a game minimum.


    • ProudUte

      I agree with you about JQJ playing a TH type role.  I think it would be a lot of fun.

      If Brewer is the guy – I am fine with that.  Look at all the QBs who move their senior year and had amazing seasons.


  • The biggest advantage Brewer has right now is experience. Even though all three are learning a new system, for the most part Brewer just needs to learn new terminology. A post is a post is a “whatever Baylor called it”.

    A lot can change between now and fall camp though. A summer throwing to the receivers and digesting what was being thrown at them could easily bring Jackson or Costelli into the mix. If the best news right now is that everyone is happy with what they have in Brewer, then we can use his tape as the floor and only get better through competition.

    I’d set the over/under at 8.5 wins if you could guarantee me a healthy Brewer for the full season, whether he starts every game or gets passed up by one of the other three.

    • mfaulk80

      Barring injury, I think the chances that JQJ or Costelli win the starting job are slim to nil tbh.  I felt the same prior to any of the positive feedback coming from camp, and I think a lot of fans were blinded by numbers.  Both were billed as raw as QBs, but a really high ceiling due to physical attributes.  I’m optimistic on both, but not for 2021…

      I was expecting Rising to go head-to-head with Brewer come summer, but now I’m wondering if Brewer is just that good.  I feel bad for Rising though, and I’m not sure how it’ll play out in 2022.

    • MDUte

      From the way Whit is talking it seems pretty clear to me CB is our QB1. I can’t see anything happening between now and the start of the season that would be enough to change that. They can act like there is still going to be a competition in Fall camp, but I’m not buying it. If anything, the competition will be amongst Rising, JQJ, and Costelli for the backup position IMO.

      I totally trust Whit and our coaches and if they’re that excited with Brewer then that’s good enough for me. Can’t wait for the season to get here…let’s go!!

      • to clarify, i wasn’t specifically referring to game 1. I’m not comparing Jackson or Costelli to Trevor Lawrence but if either shows that they need to be on the field, it is easy to envision them getting meaningful snaps early in the season and eventually moving to a more prominent role.

        I have no doubt that Whit will put the guys on the field based on what he thinks is best for the team. And if Jackson, Costelli or Rising prove to be the guy over Brewer, then I think you ramp up your expectations.

        It may be semantics but I think there is a difference between “we are willing to take our lumps this year with a youngster while a proven QB sits on the bench” and “this youngster was so good that he forced a proven QB to the bench”.

  • Johnny

    People underestimate the speed and physicality of the PAC12. Every team wants to beat the crap out of each other with high flying offenses. 

    I know the SEC has had some recent high flying offenses, but their unstoppable defenses have been exposed.

    Out west, people, even SEC alumni, are too easily distracted by the lifestyles out here. 

    That said, barring injury, I think this team is pretty loaded and young with a stable of leaders. I have a good feeling going into the 2021 season much like 1994, 2008, 2015 and 2019. 2022 might be insane, but I don’t look that far out. 

    I’m so excited, yet, I’ll be thinking about Ty Jordan every single game.

  • Trailgoat

    Simple test for Utah QB IMO. How will the offense function against USC, UO, ASU when the run game is slowed down and the Ute QB is staring at 8 defenders in the box while his WRs are locked down in man coverage 1 yard off the line of scrimmage. This has been the achilles heal of KWs offensive execution against athletic teams. 

    Seems to be a combination of a lot of factors beaten to the core on this message board. Until Utah fixes this problem they will struggle to move the ball on the more athletic teams. Far from saying this is a QB problem to figure out as Rising and Bentley had no chance against USC. The play Rising was injured on was a complete whiff block by the Utah left guard. Every pass play Rising and Bentley got the snap a USC defender was in their face.

    Hopefully Ludwig has some tricks up his sleave.  

    • Utesbyfive

      A quick release, coupled with the experience of knowing where to throw the ball covers for a lot of O-line issues. Brewer purportedly has those skills.

    • stbone

      Agreed that those teams are the challenges for the U, but I think fans are typically too pessimistic on U receivers, and blame receiver quality on lack of passing game production. I disagree and believe this has more to do with offensive scheme or with limitations in QB ability to sense and respond to pressure. Utah has 2-3 targets that are uncoverable – Covey, Kuithe, Kincaid. All of these should be “easy” targets in response to pressure.

      The U has the type of players to have an unstoppable offense similar to what the Patriots would run if they had Gronk, Hernandez, and Edelman on the same team. They have just needed a QB who is able to quickly process and respond to pressure. I hope Brewer is that guy.

    • Smack

      I’m hoping our tight ends will provide the answer this year. Three reasons Utah is expecting ‘explosive plays’ from its tight ends this fall.

  • chinngiskhaan
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    I will not drink the brewer kool-aid until I see it on the field against a top tier pac12 team. Until then, he’s Bentley 2.0.

    • ironman1315

      You’re not consuming the Brew?

    • Utah5410

      To be fair. I don’t think anyone was praising Bentley. We all just assumed Bentley would have been the guy. He only 3/4 spring ball practices and Whit never really talked about him. Then once fall camp started it was clear Rising was better (he was named starter almost right away).  The Brewer hype is real. If it continues through fall csmp

      i think we have something special. 

    • Ghost of the HEB

      Having watched a lot of Brewer’s Baylor film, I’ll take all the kool aid you don’t want.

  • Connor#22

    but JQJ loves it here. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

  • Utah5410

    JQJ isn’t going anywhere. Brewer is a senior he’s done after this year

    • MDUte

      I hear ya @utah5410, but what if the pecking order is Brewer, Rising, and Costelli at 3. Does JQJ stick around?

      • Tate Martell, Ricky Towns. Two guys that kept transferring until they ran out of places.

        If Jackson doesn’t get the QB job and is unwilling to change positions, I guess I could see him taking the Cam Newton route and proving himself at the JUCO level. I’d rather not speculate on something like that before the kid has even made it through his first spring camp though.