Nasty mountain bike crash last night

Well your friendly admin is hurting pretty bad today. I had a bad mt bike crash yesterday evening.  Hit a tree stump which flipped me and my bike. Landed on my head and shoulders. I think I did a full scorpion. Nearly knocked me out. Rode down about 4 miles after the crash. I knew if I stayed there things would get worse and I might have to be carted off. When I got home I went into shock and started having tingling in face and arms. 3 cat scans and 4 x-rays in emergency room looked ok last night.  Both shoulders are hurting pretty bad. Hard to move arms. Lower back is really tweaked. Can barely walk. Can’t wait for the back spasms to end. Great wat to bring in the weekend…

  • Ute2

    Owwwww…. sorry to hear it!

  • TexUte

    Ouch! Sorry to hear that, rest up and heal. Good vibes your way Tony. May you recover quickly and before the season.

  • ProudUte

    That sucks!!!  Get well soon!!!

  • PlainsUte

    Yikes, hope you heal fast.

  • cjd1

    Sorry to hear about that Tony. Glad the scans looked good. Hope you get back to 100% quickly.

  • UteBacker

    Geez, bro.  When you do something you do it all the way…  Quick recovery, man.

  • Central Coast Ute

    Sorry to hear that. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  • Johnny

    Get well soon bro. I retired from mountain biking a couple years ago. I think you’re around my age. We’re getting too old for that stuff. Especially the high speed tumbles. My hip and back still wrecked from the last wipeout. Getting old blows.

    • Tony

      I do feel like I’m one of the oldest riders out there. Double nickles. 

  • Water, water and more water with Ibuprofen as needed. Recipe for success. Glad the scans were good. Heal up and go do it again in a week!

    • PlainsUte

      If he goes to kooterboard he could find someone to sell him some essential oils to help.

      • Tony

        I think an “asian massage” is probably going to be the ticket. 

  • Dallas

    Dang. Feel better soon.

  • astUTE

    That sounds terrible, Tony. It’s good the scans were negative, but even so you’ll be sore for a while.

    Lots of ibuprofen and rest, and you’ll be as good as new.

    I’m older than you, and refuse to give up the mountain biking, but I’ve made a couple of huge concessions to keep my old body Uninjured:

    No high speed descents,

    Walk through any extremely challenging terrain

    I still get all the outdoor time, and cardio, that I want with no injuries (knock on wood).

    Heal quickly !

  • Utesbyfive

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • UteManX

    Sorry to hear that, mate. Get well soon and hopefully soon enough we can all cheer on our Utes. 

  • OldAsDirtUte


    I’m glad nothing was broken.

    Take it easy, and heal properly.