New series with Wisconsin announced

Harlan is lining up some great H-H series!
Utah vs Wisconsin

  • cjd1

    Mark Harlan’s additions to Ute Football schedule.

    • MDUte

      I’m super excited to visit Camp Randall for the 1st time. Aside from the ones we have lined up and have already played at, here’s my Top 10 (in no order) wish list for future H-H venues:

      Big 10: Ohio State, Penn St

      SEC: Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia

      ACC: Clemson, Florida St

      Big 12: Texas, Oklahoma

      • It would be interesting to analyze who they are playing pre-season and see if we could steal some of those positions. 

        Gators and Badgers are two huge adds. That makes 5: Florida, Baylor, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and LSU. 

        Ideally, we would play someone in Florida, Texas, and Georgia I think. Not California because we already play multiple A tiers there. Florida and Texas because we have recruiting pipelines and it wouldn’t hurt beating guys from there. Georgia because that is becoming the new hot ground for recruiting. I don’t think it would be wise to schedule Gators, Texas, and Georgia all in preseason so I think my ideal situation is a cycle of the following:

        A tier: Florida Gators, FSU, Georgia, Texas, Texas A&M

        B tier: UCF, Baylor, Miami, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, SMU, and…Houston?

        C tier: FIU, TCU, Texas State, Georgia Southern

        Of course, if we want to play a smaller local team for C tier, I’m totally fine with that. C tier above might not be attractive because if we only play C tier at home, that would change the strategy. Having 3 somewhat local teams fill all three of these isn’t enough and I’m really glad that we are moving away from that.  

        Maybe we focus on C tier programs here in the state and A and B tiers in those other states to hopefully pull more talent our way. We can get visits and beat their home team in the same weekend.

        • noneyadb

          TCU as a C Tier team??

          • PhiladelphiaUte

            Yeah, I don’t see that either.  I believe that TCU is a solid 1st-Tier school.

  • utefansince79

    On a bit of a tangent, KSL’s article showed all of our upcoming non-conference games and it shows both Wyoming games on the schedule in Laramie (would have played them last season) in 2025 and SLC in 2027.



    • PhiladelphiaUte

      FBSchedules has us @ Wyo in ’25, and hosting the Cowboys in ’27.


      • utefansince79

        At some point they re-schedules the Cowboy games, just hadn’t noticed that until now.


        But excited for Wisconsin to be added.  

  • Utephoria

    Not to be that Debbie Downer person, but I wonder who the coaching staff will include when we play Wisconsin. Whitt will be retired by then I would think and most of his staff may be somewhere else. I hope we will still be competitive and can take down those stink’in Badgers.

    • GameForAnyFuss
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      Not to be even more of a Debbie Downer person, but the game in SLC isn’t until 2033. That’s 12 years from now. Most of us will be dead before that game happens.

      • Stone

        Most of us? Yikes. Either there is a massive astroid headed our way or the average age of this forum’s users is way older than I thought.

        • GameForAnyFuss

          I’m being a little over the top. I do find it funny that football scheduling arrangements go so far out. So many things will change between now and then. By then it might be flag football because we’ll know more about CTE and tackling will be illegal…I don’t know.

          Just think: The kids who will play in that game are 6 years old right now.

          • Stone

            It is nuts to think about. I am stoked for the game, but it is a looooooong way off. Same with the LSU series.

        • WhitewaterUte

          I firmly intend to be in my seat at Rice Eccles when I am 82.

    • astUTE

      Oh, we’ll be competitive, and anyway, we don’t need to stinkin’ Badgers!


  • PhiladelphiaUte

    This is an interesting matchup, because Dr. Hill once had us scheduled with a Home-&-Home with the Badgers that was supposed to have been played in either ’97-’98, or ’98-’99, but Wisconsin wound up cancelling it back in either ’95 or ’96 because they were committed to not playing any [non-conference] institutions with native american mascots (although they didn’t seem to have any such prohibitions against scheduling San Diego St or Hawai’i) outside of the postseason.  But if they’re now scheduling us, and had already played Central Michigan (2019), I guess that ridiculous policy had finally been overturned.

    Yay progress!

  • Crow

    Now get rid of byu

    • Any way I can upvote this 10 times?

    • astUTE

      Who was the state Legislator from Provo, (or where there many legislators) who was so incensed by the cancellation of a BYU/Utah game that they engineered the Audit of the Athletic department? 

      I’m sure that Harlen knows the whole story, who was involved, and who the leadership was, but thinking out loud, there has to be some point in the future when these people move on to other livelyhoods, etc. and the U can contemplate ending it’s annual competitions in football and men’s basketball without fear of state budget and audit retribution, no?

      I don’t mind playing them in either sport occasionally, but not every year,  and I’d rather play other Utah schools (Utah State) in place of BYU occasionally.  I hate that the University fears down-scheduling them.