Many in the media are saying things like:

– No way Leonard and George have bad games like Tuesday again

– No way Mitchell scores 45 points again in this series

– The Clippers played poorly and still only lost by 3

They fail to mention:

– It is unlikely that the Jazz will miss 20 shots in a row again

– The chance of the Jazz shooting (34%) outside of Mitchell will likely not happen again

– Kennard will not likely come off the bench to score 18 again

– How often has Ingles gone 1-8 from three

– The Jazz played without one of their all-stars

Unlike many in the media, I think the Jazz are in a good place (so does Vegas).  This is going to be a tough series because the Clippers have an excellent team.  I believe we may need Conely to win this series.   I hope we get him back soon.

  • dystopiamembrane
    1 5

    First time I’ve seen this. SME Steel letter to Jazz

    • juan know well

      Well hopefully whoever got SME steels suite is enjoying a winning team. 

      • dystopiamembrane
        2 10

        Amen. I’d advocate a boycott of that company, if I were a Jazz fan.

        • PrudentUte
          10 1

          They are just voicing what many, many fans are feeling. Politics ruins everything it touches. Let’s agree to disagree in a civil manner. It is every individual’s right to express their own worldview. Including players and coaches. But let’s keep politics out of sporting events. It divides the community in an arena where we should be able to unite around our teams.  

        • Ute Dub
          3 1

          Let’s just cancel anyone who uses their freedom of speech if it’s not our same opinion. 

          • dystopiamembrane
            1 3

            When they try to cancel my team, I gots to take a stand.

            • Ute Dub
              2 1

              You called for a boycott of this entire company. You want a total cancellation. This company didn’t call for a boycott of the entire Jazz or their players, but only represented their own interest in the Jazz and directly addressed it with the organization. That’s the difference. Free speech works both ways, the players can make their stand and the consumers can react.

              • dystopiamembrane
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                I understand that you are trying to make a distinction between the two actions. Theirs free speech, mine not. I get it.

  • D T

    The jazz should win this series, but it could go to 7.

    My Suns’ll be well rested & waiting for ‘em.

    • I hope you’re right, but with Mike Conely out, I’m not holding out hope. Kawhi Leonard is dang good.