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    Cam Rising interview notes

    Ready and excited for PAC12 play.

    Was asked about the slow start.  The 3-3-5 defense with their stunts was hard to get used to.  In the second quarter, he said they started to relax.  The reverse to Dixon started things going.

    He was asked about getting the wide receivers involved.  Cam said, whoever is open will get the ball.  In spite of what Bill suggested, there was no specific plan to get the WRs the ball more.  They always want to spread it around as much as possible.  Vele told Cam early in the game that the SDSU D could not cover him.  Cam took advantage of this by throwing him two TDs.  Enis did a great job on the route he scored a TD on.

    Curry is a loveable, nice guy.  The team will miss him on and off the field.

    Glover has done a great job preparing to play.

    He said there will be a surprise for everyone as far as RBs are concerned in the game this Saturday.  He would not give details other than he said, “You will like it.”

    Cam remembers going into the locker room mad against ASU last year.  He felt that he had let the team down.  He was asked about the locker room at half when they trail at halftime.  He said that the players typically get some quiet time and then the coaches come in and talk.  He indicated that there is NOT a lot of yelling and screaming.

    He said he kind of expected Herm to be fired.  He expects the team to be fired up Saturday night.  We just need to keep our foot on the peddle.  Need to come out fast.

    What stands out about them? They play more coverage schemes instead of blitzing a lot.  Their linebackers are very good.  Roberts is an All-Pac12 player.  Bill pointed out that ASU has not allowed a 50+ yard play in 18 consecutive games.  That leads the nation.

    Once again, Bill took over the conversation and began to share his opinions about all the PAC12 leaders.  Then talked about the Covey parking story.  Bill also talked about Lloyd’s success in the NFL.  Bill was excited to talk about his alma mater, Kansas.  (Who cares.)  I like Bill a lot, but when he has these guys on, I wish he would let them talk more.

    He watched the Alabama-Texas game and he still has a few friends on the team.

    Winning at ASU starts with the offensive line.



  • BD

    He said there will be a surprise for everyone as far as RBs are concerned in the game this Saturday.

    My guess: Use The Rhino as a fullback on short yardage situations.

    • Yergensen

      Hope Jaquinden is the surprise.

      • UtahUtesRock

        He said this in response to a specific running back who’s competing with Ricky Parks. Can’t remember the players name though. 

        • ProudUte

          Bill asked Cam if the next guy up would be Vincent or Parks.  Before Bill could get done with the question, Cam got excited and mentioned that something exciting was coming.  So, does the surprise have to do with Vincent or Parks?  I don’t know.  But, the question got Cam excited to say that something new was coming.


          • Rick
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            I’m guessing/hoping they are about to unleash Logan Kendall in short yardage situations from the Fullback/Tight End position. There is some fun video out there of Logan running the ball. He fits the rhino description BD mentions above.

          • UtahUtesRock

            Jaquinden’s tweet has me thinking that Yergensen may be onto something after all. 

      • BD

        “Hope Jaquinden is the surprise.”

        Hmmm… maybe so.


      • URow

        I agree. He played special teams last week on kickoffs and punts. He’s been itching to play and could play any position on the field. He’s too athletic to not be playing. 

        • Shaun

          This would be exciting. Vele just doesn’t seem to have that explosiveness we’re used to with Covey, he also seems pretty hesitant to get hit. Covey had no fear. 

      • RedUte14

        I was thinking the same thing. Would be awesome.

  • Uphoric
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    You are right about Bill.  Wish he’d shut it and let the boys talk. . .  He doesn’t seem to know when to talk and when not to talk. We live for the comments from the players.

    • ProudUte

      Yep.  I like Bill and am glad he is our PbP guy.  However, in these interviews – I do not want to hear his opinions about how his alma mater Kansas is 3-0.  Frankly, neither does Cam.  I may be interested in his feelings about the NFL, but not when he is talking to Ute players.


      • UtahUtesRock

        I kind of feel like Bill does this because Cam doesn’t have the same ability to carry on a conversation that Covey did last year. He’s trying to keep the interview flow. Just my opinion though.