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    Kuithe’s injury hurts

    However, every team has key injuries this time of year.  I am optimistic that others will step up and we will be fine.  Stars are often made when someone gets injured and the next guy steps up.  Remember that guy named Tom Brady.  Someone has an opportunity to shine.

  • UrbanLiar

    We were also exceptionally lucky that we avoided the injury collateral damage during last year’s Championship run.

  • EagleMountainUte
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    This puts more on Rising’s shoulders. He already had a lot on his plate but now he is losing his automatic first down guy.
    Feels like the offense is suffering like the Defensive backfield did last year.  

  • chinngiskhaan
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    The injury may end up helping us in some ways… but ultimately, without elite talent on offense we will struggle against elite competition if we face anything resembling that this year.

  • Onlyu

    Can’t replace a guy like Brant but if you were going to lose a player it might as well be at a position of wealth. Kincaid has a higher NFL TE rating than Kuithe does and is a top 10 guy nationally at the position and there is talent behind him. Bernard and Dixon, Parks etc. will have to step up in the slot but the defense doesn’t know where the ball is going now. I’ve heard many complain that we haven’t seen Kuithe run the ball like he did a few years back…well the defenses haven’t given us the right look since then in the majority of cases. He was such a dangerous runner that they took it away.

    In a weird way this makes us less predictable IMO. Cam trusts Brant and looks his way under pressure but will now have to expand his horizons and open up his mind. Cam is one of the best in the country at seeing the field and throwing against pressure so this makes him quite a bit more dangerous.

    Again, not having Brant hurts big time but I think overall you’re now gonna have to defend the entire field vs. the Kuithe tendency. Someone has to and will step up. Gonna be exciting to see who.

    • EMUte#2

      We have some really great weapons. I was hoping to see more of Cope, Johnson, Gillmore and Mbanasor. It’s a tough loss, but this may help us in the long run. We have some dudes and some dudes coming in. The future is bright.

      • chinngiskhaan

        we have A (single, not plural) really great weapon in Kincaid. Just one. That’s the honest truth my friend. Don’t just down vote. If you think I’m wrong, prove it.

        We have one weapon who is sometimes great, and sometimes good… Rising.

        We have two who are usually good, and could be great (this year)… Vele, and Thomas.