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So, what happens at QB next year?

What are the odds one of the current guys takes over for Rising when Rising leaves? I get the feeling that we are going to need a transfer, not sure why (not a prediction, just a gut feeling).

Anyone have insight?

  • Larry B

    My guess is that Rose is the next starter. Johnson will either switch positions or transfer.

    • AlohaUte

      This is what I think too. From what I can tell (which is very little mind you) Rose is well ahead of Johnson.

      • UtesRule

        I think Nate Johnson is still very intriguing to Utah coaches. The injury bug he had in Spring ball set him back and in my opinion is the only reason Rose separated himself.

        I believe the battle for QB2 this Fall (priority # 1 before considering next seasons replacement for the GOAT UTE QB Cam Rising) will be wide open.

        As for next season, not sure yet. IMO, the best case scenario would be for whomever wins the QB2 job this year to get enough reps in practice (the difference in number of practice reps QB2 and QB3 gets is huge) and in mop up duty during the season that they then step in as a Sophomore ready to take the reigns as QB1.

        All incoming or younger players then continue to learn the system, get reps, get stronger, more mature and when it’s their turn they step in and take over as QB1.

        IMO – Unless you are a generational player (like REALLY great) OR unless the program literally has NO TALENT, it’s not realistic to expect to come in and start as a true freshman.

        I hope our program is in better shape than that, UNLESS Isaac is a generational talent that can lead Utah to a 4-Peat PAC-12 Conference Championship as a true Freshman.

        Go Utes!

        • Utah

          I don’t think QB2 is a real indicator for next year. QB2 gets game reps, which is fun, but the QB3 gets a ton of scout team reps and those reps are invaluable. 

          The scout team QB gets to play a couple games a week with all those reps. That is huge for development. 

    • chinngiskhaan

      I get that he’s well ahead, but is he ready to play?

      • ProudUte

        We won’t know if he is ready until he gets the chance.  As for me (just me) I am not interested in a transfer unless we lose some guys to the portal.  We have four backups in the program right now and just got a 4-star commitment.  

        I say that we get one or more of these guys ready to play.  Huntley was not read when he started, but look what happened.  Let’s give these guys a chance.

        • I’ve seen a bunch of articles lately which say that there’s a very good chance that all 12 Pac starters this year will be transfers. Patiently waiting your turn just isn’t part of the mindset for QB’s these days so I think you always have to be ready and willing to augment your QB room from the portal.

          I’ve felt since both Johnson and Rose signed in the same class that at least one would transfer and potentially both. Johnson has pro potential if he is willing to change positions; if he insists on staying at QB, he may well need to do it at another school since the window of opportunity is so small.

      • Central Coast Ute

        Probably not. My bet is we will see the pig farmer if Cam gets hurt.

  • Utah

    Man, this is a question that is so freaking far into the future that we have no idea. One of Rose or Johnson is gone by next spring. There is a small chance both stay, but it’s not great. 

    Then you have Mack Howard on the team. All three of those will have 1-2 years experience. 

    I’d peg one of those three at around 90%. 

    If they don’t pan out, then we have a serious issue. Then you start desperately looking for a transfer QB. 

    So, my prediction: 

    Rose, Johnson or Howard will be our starting QB, and I agree with Larry B, that it is probably Rose. 

  • dwainegf

    From what I saw at the spring game, Rose is obviously better than anyone else that played. Maybe Johnson was limited by the play calling and such. I hope they can push each other throughout the fall camp and both continue to improve. I also hope that our QB2 can get reps during mop-up time so he is ready to be QB1 next year.

  • Charlie

    I think the answer is simple if you have spent time with football teams evolving over multiple years. It depends greatly on this year. Many surprises will pop up where suddenly you have much more than you thought in a player. Many disappointments will pop up where a player’s development just is not as good as expected. These kind of developments will be huge. Coaches will try to develop as many good options as possible and may or may not depend greatly on various plan Bs. I don’t expect enough is known about the options beyond Rising but naming QB2 in the fall will have a couple of impacts.

    • Utesby1

      My thoughts on the future.

      Rose will be our starter. He will start a little slow but become a an outstanding QB by the end of the year. Our favorite pig farmer will be the backup. Johnson will make a successful transition to wide receiver. The QB from Mississippi and Wilson will battle it out for the heir apparent. Wilson will be the choice and the other guy will transfer. Bridges, Johnson, new recruit, or maybe Hagan will finally establish a deep threat for us that we will not relinquish. We will all look back and wonder exactly how we won when we did not have a deep threat among our wide receivers.