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What experts say about Wilson committing to Utah

Nice article about Isaac Wilson committing to Utah.
Nice pick-up for the 2024 class. I hope we can land at least 7 of the top ten local players.

  • EagleMountainUte

    “I’ve been a Utah fan since I could remember and then we made that flip with Zach, who did his thing,”

    Hahaaaa. Funny s**t. 

  • PhiladelphiaUte

    Lotta bitter zoobs on that thread.

    Even more on cougarboard!  Haha!

    Zoobie tears are delicious!

    • EagleMountainUte

      Hand wringing over the decisions of children is so pathetic.  I really dislike it the most from our own fan base. 

      Wilson could easily transfer I almost don’t even expect quarterbacks to stay four years anymore. 

      • chinngiskhaan

        Yep, it’s pretty much a 50/50 chance that we keep him on board long enough for him to actually see the field. That’s just CFB these days. Most of these guys give it two years at most to earn playing time, if they haven’t cracked the two deep by the end of fall year 2, it’s time to transfer.

      • ProudUte

        Eagle, I am with you.  I hate it when fans diss recruits for making a decision that is best for them. (Especially when Ute fans do this.)

        I do not remember Ute fans blasting Ice Moa when he changed his commitment from Utah to BYU.  (Maybe some stuff was said on Twitter, but I don’t do Twitter.)

        These kids attempt to make the decision that is best for them.  I am disappointed when we lose a good recruit, especially to our rival.  But, I respect the kid’s decision.  There is no reason to diss the kid and question his decision.

        I have read the egregious comments made by some extreme Cougar fans on KSL, Des News, etc.  The Cougar fans that I personally know – are not like this.  Here are a few of the things they have said:

        How can it be a good decision to go to Utah to play football, especially if you are a QB.  They will be a G5 program in a few years.

        How can the Wilson family allow their kid to go to Utah…

        One guy wrote, “We care for our players and ignore the others.  That is our duty.”

        Well, he wasn’t that good anyway.  Zach was much better and we got him.  (I must say that I hate it when Utah fans say similar things about recruits we missed on.)

        • RedRocks

          Have we lost any good recruits to Colorado lately? 😉

          “I am disappointed when we lose a good recruit, especially to our rival.”

      • Tony (admin)

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    • Ute Dub

      In my opinion, food is delicious. Delicious used to describe anything else is f**king annoying. 

  • cj13

    I’m curious how Isaac will do his senior season. Just last year he was a .95 overall on 247 Sports but has fallen to .89. Our recruits have typically bolstered their rating after committing so hopefully he keeps progressing and improving

  • The Miami Ute

    Hard for me to get excited about this, given Utah’s recent QB experiences and the current state of college football. I mean, does anyone remember how excited everyone was when Jack Tuttle signed with the Utes? For all we know, Wilson might turn out to be Tuttle 2.0. The only thing we know about the state of any QB room is to expect the unexpected.

  • J Rocksville

    It certainly feels like the quality of recruits in the qb room is going the right direction. A few years ago we’d get a high three or low four star guy and everyone would be anointing them the mayor before they were on campus.

    I think if we can keep adding 4 star ish qb recruits every cycle, we really only need to hit on one about every 3 years, right?

    Hopefully in two years he’s 6’2″, 215 and we have a handful of reliable receiving targets to catch things. That part seems to be the last piece of the puzzle to me.