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This year’s Travis vs last year

One big difference I’ve noticed is that this year’s Travis will sometimes go up to the line and change the play call. He does that a lot. I don’t think he ever did that last year. Is he suddenly smarter now? Did he magically, over the course of one off season, gain the ability to read defenses where he had no such ability last year? I don’t think so. Dave Christensen never trusted Wilson. Looks like that was poor judgment on his part.

  • Tony

    As the QB’s get older their ability to make those calls gets better. Brian Johnson was amazing at doing that in his final year.

  • GadValleyUte

    I was always skeptical of the “DC is keeping Travis down” talk. It appears to me now there was probably some truth there. Not sure if it was just interpersonal conflict, DC not getting how Travis works/thinks, or DC really just being a terrible coach, but Travis seems to have progressed a bunch in his ability to read and react, deal wth pressure and make good decisions with the ball. I wish he would slide and get out of bounds a bit more because an injury to him sets this team back, but you cannot question his love of the game or his heart.

  • The game has slowed down for Travis Wilson. He’s now seeing and reading the defense and no longer forcing throws to what’s not there.

  • Oline that blocks help. Night and day difference. Utah has only played one legit defense in Michigan though.

    • oc_ute

      spot on. pass blocking was tremendous last nite. good thing happen when you get time. routes develop and completed passes !!!!

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I don’t think Travis was allowed to audible much last year. I think he was on a short leash by DC.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    Go back and watch any game last season. Quite a few times per game you would see Travis and the entire team check with the sideline.

    I think Travis was told to either run the play as called or he had the option of checking with the sideline (Dave).

    Outside of that Travis was pretty much on a leash because Christensen had no faith in him, nor did he ever try and put in the effort to build that faith. Christensen wanted HIS guy in there, that was painfully obvious.

    Travis now has an OC that actually WANTS to see him succeed.

  • THEeyepatch

    Not that he’s got smarter, dickhead Dave Christensen is gone! A-Rod is giving Travis the opportunity to be the type of player some of us thought he could be and at times, has shown he could be last night.