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    Shyne out for a long time

  • Onlyu

    Not a joint or ligament…He’ll be back before league starts.  4-6 weeks

  • UteDuke

    That sucks. Any idea whether the injury occurred in the scrimmage or just at a regular practice?

    • Kayden47

      They said it happened a couple days ago during practice.

  • RedLine

    Hmmm… So, Whitt doesn’t comment on injuries unless they’re season ending.  Where does ‘out for a long time’ fit into that?

    From what I understand, Hansen and Falamaka aren’t out for the season.  Are they out for a long time too?  Bit of an anomoly to Whitt’s SOP for commenting on injuries.


    • Kayden47

      All Whitt said was that he will be out for a long time but he will not be out for the season. 

  • geaux-sioux

    Is this a big loss? How’s your RB depth?

    • RedLine

      The #2 RB – Zach Moss was strongly challenging Shyne for the 1 spot.  3 spot Devonta’e Henry-Cole has been getting plenty of reps too.  It’s significant loss but not a game changer.  

    • GameForAnyFuss

      Eh, we’re really more of a passing team.

  • Tony

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