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    Practice Report Part 2

    Part 2.  

    LB’s – Kavika and Sunia work well together.  Really think behind that line they’ll have a chance to be good.  Both Seniors with confidence after a year under their belt. So do Thompson and Barton with the twos – those two guys can flat out run and love to hit.  Barton looks like a completely different player out there.  Confident and moving guys around so has clearly learned the offense.  Never shuts up, constantly taking crap like Kenric Young…high motor.  Thompson reminds me of Gionni…from the same area and just has a nose for the ball gonna be good.  Ippolito and the Liljenquist kid are 5-6 so overall we’ve got decent depth there.  This group goes from a weakness last year to a potential strength this season   

    O-Line – still waiting on Agisava though he was in pads today so he’s close and need Lo back at Center which I have also heard is close.  Kind of a hoge podge mix right now but getting some new guys plenty of reps and only saw maybe two questionable snaps all day.  Barton was the suprise for me.  His get off on run plays and drop step on his pass block is as quick as it’s ever been and he’s massive.  I’ve always thought he’s a little soft but with his size and improvements under Coach Harding he’s gonna play on Sunday’s in a couple of years…seriously surprises me to say that.  Lotulelei slapped one of the o-lineman after he held him and shouted a couple choice phrases and the kid (not naming names – underclassman) damn near passed out.  Lowell is clearly the enforcer on D and not a guy anyone messes with.

    Safties – Scalley got after Ballard pretty good a few times but he’s gonna be good.  Was impressed with Afia too…around the ball a lot, Hobbs and Burgess in the Nickel looked good.  Blair is going to help us a lot back there as well but Chase should be back sooner than later I believe.

    K’s – Wishnowski almost kicked a kickoff into the bleachers…well out of the back of the endzone.  He might really have a chance to win that role – huge leg.  Hicken missed a pressure 45 yarder but the Guy kid nailed his chance and is proving to be very accurate.  Similar to Andy’s leg strength…Johnston’s is a bit more explosive but he needs to be more accurate.  I think we’ll be ok there too.   

    Ena told one of our LB’s not to be a P—-!  Pretty good moment 

    Chris Hart made a nice play off the edge and can be good if he figures it out as he gets older.  

    Fotu and Fitts are massive…Mokofisi, all of those guys on that d-line are gonna get after some teams.  

    I think we’ll see McCormick slide back into the backfield while Shyne is out.  He and DHC will cover that load and in the new offense putting McCormick in space…good luck tackling that little water skeeter!!

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    Great info. Mind sharing how it is that you have this kind of access to practice?

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