Utah Utes Fan Board


Will you be able to conduct polls or prediction contests on this forum?

With conference play starting up, it might be fun to have a weekly prediction contest for all the conference games.

Also, is there any way to expand the topic title beyond 80 characters? I’m a firm believer in putting as much content into the topic as possible.

  • Tony

    Not sure about the character thing.

    Polls are pretty easy to setup. Just swimming in new user registration issues right now!

    • Hockeybeard

      /s Serious? two-days in and you can’t handle the flood of new users?

      But for realsies, it is a testament to the status of the online Ute community that this site has taken off like it has. Yes, twitter can fill the void somewhat, but you can’t have sustained indepth discussions like you can on a message board.

      Speaking of twitter – you should see if you can implement some integrated ‘share’ function for good posts/threads…you know, once you dig yourself out from the pile of new user requests.

    • 3UteDad

      No worries, thanks for the response. Your priorities are in the right place