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  • Ute Fan Board

    Larry B

    4* WR Tre’shaun Harrison is visiting this weekend

    C’mon Coach Taylor, work your magic!

  • IglooDweller

    We might still be in the running for Solomon Ennis as well.

    • Jesse
      1 1

      Uhhh… Don’t know about that. He’ll end up at Penn State. 

      • IglooDweller

        That certainly is the prevailing opinion. I’m holding out hope. He supposedly had a good visit.

      • Utah

        Hasn’t Penn St already taken a bunch of WR’s? 

        • RiseasUtes

          They have 3 committed to our 2.

    • Jesse

      I’m hoping we’d can get Olave. Would you guys rather Solomon or Olave if we could only get 1?

      • IglooDweller

        Good choice to have. Can’t lose. I’d take either.